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'Draymond is a Pansy': Jason Whitlock on Draymond Green Getting Fan Ejected

Jason Whitlock: “You hear me talk constantly on this show about the ‘feminization of sports’ in American society. Draymond Green is one of the ‘tough guys’ in the NBA he ‘BEAT UP JORDAN POOLE!’, ‘HE’S A TOUGH GUY!’… Draymond is a pansy. He’s as soft as butter. That’s why he beat up Jordan Poole, because he’s soft, because he’s got that female b*tch energy. Sorry for saying it, I apologize upfront. That’s why he did that to this man. These athletes from Russell Westbrook to Draymond Green, we love to pretend that there are all these White ‘Karens’… Draymond is ‘Karen.’ Some fan is yelling at him and he can’t take it, and goes and gets him tossed out of the arena under the pretense and under the lie that this man threatened his life. This man said during this interview ‘hey man, there were police and security around that all backed me up that I never did what Draymond said I did.’ He says the Milwaukee Bucks have promised him courtside seats for a game later, and that they know that Draymond Green is lying here. No one will touch this— not Stephen A. Smith, Charles Barkley, Shaquille O’Neal— everybody has got something to say about Kyrie Irving tweeting about a ‘Hebrews to Negroes’ documentary, but they’ll look at Draymond do something of the most feminine, passive-aggressive, disrespectful, female energy-driven behavior and no one will say anything. These athletes aren’t interested in social justice, they’re not interesting in fairness or equality, they want to be rulers, and kings, and oppressors, and the elite, and everybody else is beneath them, and ‘HOW DARE YOU YELL SOMETHING TO ME AT A GAME, I’LL GET YOU TOSSED OUT.’ This is why I don’t respect them. They’re not trying to improve anything. They want to be the rulers and the oppressors now that they have some money that’s what they do. They rule and oppress. I’m glad the guy is Black because now everyone can’t play the card, ‘oh, you’re defending some White guy.’ This is the mentality of the elite, they don’t care what color you are, they only care whether you kiss their feet, rings, hands, or butt, and whether you bow to them. I have no respect for Draymond Green. I wish people would come out of this racial brainwashing that has been done and realize it’s elites vs. the working class, and it’s elite vs. normal people. From beating up Jordan Poole, who is Black, to getting this fan tossed out of the arena who is Black, Draymond Green don’t care about Black people. None of these guys do. I’m talking about LeBron James, NONE of them. Malcolm Jenkins, Anquan Boldin, ‘End Racism’ in the back of the end zones, they’re just talking and they don’t believe any of it. They’re just elites putting on a performance for social media clout because that’s what their agents and their puppet masters told them. When the real smoke comes they all run and scatter like cowards. Did the big powerful Draymond Green, when the smoke came for Kyrie Irving, did he utter a word? Did he have the balls to say ‘hey man, ya’ll mistreating Kyrie Irving, let me take a stand for Kyrie and his freedom of speech and freedom of religion’? Not a word. Can I get a fan ejected who was annoying me? Can I beat up my teammate because I don’t like him? They’re all down for that. They want to stay on the side of their puppet masters, and we all know who their puppet masters are. Kyrie Irving and Kanye West have exposed who the puppet masters are and who they’re really afraid of. It infuriates me.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ rip Draymond Green for his actions last week to get a Milwaukee Bucks fan ejected from a Warriors game for allegedly ‘threatening’ Draymond’s life, as Whitlock mocks ‘pansy’ Draymond for being a ‘Karen’.

In interviews after the game the fan claims that eyewitnesses sitting in his section during the time of the incident, including police and security guards, can back up his assertions that Draymond’s life was never ‘threatened’ as Green has alleged, and even has said that the Bucks organization has reached out to him to offer him courtside seats to a future game as restitution for the misunderstanding.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls out Green for being a pretentious social media clout chaser who can bully fans sitting courtside but doesn’t even have the ‘balls’ to come to Kyrie Irving’s defense, saying Green is simply a puppet for his handlers.

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