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'She Took a Dump on America': Jason Whitlock on Low Brittney Griner Praise

Jason Whitlock: “MSNBC columnist Dave Zirin has written a guest column – and Dave is to the left of Karl Marx – he’s written a guest column complaining that NBA fans aren’t cheering loud enough for Brittney Griner. He’s very offended and in his column he talks about how ‘Utah Jazz fans are known for their brutal treatment of Black athletes…’, and when they put Brittney Griner up on the big screen at a Jazz game – ‘WE WANNA WELCOME HER HOME’ – allegedly there were a smattering of boos, and Dave [the author] was talking about how he was at a Wizards game and they re-introduced John Wall and there were loud cheers, but the cheers weren’t as loud for Brittney Griner, and he’s upset about it… I’m like, hey man, you do know she took a dump all over America and said this country is ‘racist and oppressive’, and she’s ‘ashamed’ of the National Anthem? It’s not all that surprising that traditional American sports fans aren't just overjoyed that we traded ‘The Merchant of Death’ for some woman who doesn’t even appreciate America. Dave is very ‘upset’ and it’s just a sign of how ‘racist’ and ‘unfair’ America is that we’re not cheering lustily for Brittney Griner. Dave Zirin is a Jewish guy who thinks his job is to police the thoughts and all the activities around Black people. That’s his job, that’s what he does. He doesn’t actually like White people and he wants to demonize America and use Black people to demonize America. He’s using Brittney Griner, and he’s used Etan Thomas, who I don’t think ever scored more than five points in an NBA game; so him and Etan are the Batman and Robin of vilifying ‘White supremacy’, and if he can find a Brittney Griner or anybody to further his narrative that America is ‘terrible’, then that’s what he’s going to do. The guy is a joke. For years he’s been one of the my biggest critics, and stalkers, and running around trying to tell me what I should think, and I’ve never liked or respected him because he can’t control what I think, write, or say. I get you’re the overseer for Etan Thomas and some of these other Black dudes that ain’t got no balls and don’t have a brain for themselves, but Dave, miss me with that, and I’m not going to feel bad because I’m not overjoyed that Brittney Griner is home. She don’t care nothing about America, I didn’t care about her when she was over here playing basketball, and I’m not going to run around faking and pretending like I’m overjoyed that we gave up ‘The Merchant of Death’ for some woman who didn’t even appreciate being an American.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ blast MSNBC opinion columnist Dave Zirin for an article he wrote recently calling out NBA fans for the lack of cheers that Brittney Griner received at a Utah Jazz home game this past week when an announcer asked fans in attendance to celebrate Griner’s return from Russia.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why it’s no surprise that Griner’s entry back into the US would be met with derision and apathy, saying Griner had already established herself as a provocative individual who had a widely publicized history of anti-American rhetoric.

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