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Colin Cowherd: Packers Shouldn't Be Afraid to Trade Aaron Rodgers

Colin Cowherd: “Jordan love reportedly ‘wants to play’... Of course he does, he’s a young athlete getting old, sitting on the bench. If he’s not going to be in the future plans to start he wants to get traded. If I was Seattle, I would strongly consider giving up a late 2nd or 3rd to get Jordan Love. He’s ready to play at this point, how good he is I don’t know. Jordan Love has been in Green Bay for three years: the Packers have 250 practices on file, five preseason games he’s played in, and seven regular season games he’s made at least a throw. There’s a lot of tape on him. The Packers have 21 people in their player personnel department, 15+ coaches, and a director of scouting… DO YOUR JOB, can he play or not? This isn’t hard. If you think he can play and he’s a pretty good starter, then you move Aaron and free up all that space to go buy a bunch of players; that’s what you do when you’re not paying your quarterback. If you don’t think he’s a really good starter, then you keep Aaron, and you gotta hit on some draft picks if you’re paying a QB as much as Aaron. My guess on Jordan Love is he’s not going to be Burrow, but he’s not going to be a total bust, he’s somewhere in between. There’s a reason why they moved off Favre in Green Bay, because they saw Aaron Rodgers in preseason games and in practice. You can’t be paralyzed… Aaron Rodger if he leaves, he’s going to win. You get a divorce, he or she may upgrade. Get over it. Manning left Indianapolis, he won a Super bowl. Brady left New England, he won a Super Bowl. Stafford left Detroit, he won a Super Bowl. When good-to-great quarterbacks leave it usually doesn’t end up like Russell Wilson in Denver. But you have to make a decision as a staff and say ‘Aaron is going to win when he leaves.' He did the Packers a lot of good, so what if Aaron wins, you’re rooting against him? Just don’t trade him in-division, or trade him to the Niners where you guarantee he wins. If you trade him to Tennessee and he gets to a Super Bowl, good for Aaron. Aaron made a lot of people rich in Green Bay. You don’t want to live a life where you’re rooting against people. You don’t want to trade him to the Niners and give him the BEST possible situation, but trade him to Tennessee and wish him luck.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think the Packers should have any hesitation about trading Aaron Rodgers, saying it’s really not that complicated of a transition in a business like the NFL if they truly believe Jordan Love can be competent starting quarterback.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why the Packers can’t be ‘paralyzed’ just because a beloved player could potentially leave at the end of their career.

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