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Colin Cowherd Doubts Kyler Murray's NFL Future: 'He's Not Getting Better'

Colin Cowherd: “I get it, everybody just wants to blow it up [the Cardinals]. In the NFL that’s always the answer, ‘FIRE KLIFF KINGSBURY.’ But I went back— since February 28th: Kyler Murray’s agent says he won’t play without a new contract, DeAndre Hopkins suspended the first six games of the season, Kyler Murray gets a massive deal, there’s a homework clause removed from his contract, Marquise Brown fractures his foot, Kyler Murray gets hurt and misses two games, Zach Ertz tears his ACL, then Kyler Murray gets carted off… Who could win with that?? I don’t think Kingsbury is Sean Payton or Andy Reid either, but Kyler Murray’s trajectory – and I was a huge supporter, I said he throws the prettiest ball in the league – but things have changed with new information. His trajectory has gone from ‘dynamic, ascending, and electric’ to ‘he gets hurt a lot, he doesn’t love watching film, he’s small and doesn’t like to get hit, he’s sort of aloof, and he’s not getting better.' You can blame Kingsbury, but Kliff recruited him out of high school, and went to the franchise and said ‘DRAFT HIM, MOVE OFF JOSH ROSEN.’ He has been his biggest supporter. You can knock Kingsbury to the street but you’re not getting Sean Payton, Jim Harbaugh, or Lincoln Riley for this job. Kyler Murray’s current trajectory is not a great gig. This organization gave Kyler Murray $230 million and that contract hasn’t started yet. He increasingly does not want to get hit and he is small. I had a former player tell me Russell Wilson ‘doesn’t mind’ getting hit, Kyler ‘doesn’t like it at all.’ This is not a great job at all now. If Sean Payton had to choose between Justin Herbert or Kyler Murray, I can tell you right now who he’ll choose.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he doesn’t think the Cardinals should clean house and get rid of head coach Kliff Kingsbury, saying that Kyler Murray’s presence doesn’t exactly make Arizona the most desirable destination for another top coaching candidate.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks Murray’s once immaculate trajectory has now taken a steep plunge.

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