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Colin Cowherd Has Finally Found a Trade Partner For Packers and Jordan Love

Colin Cowherd: “If you’ve only shown Jordan Love for a few snaps against Philly, he looked good, maybe you start him the final week against Detroit’s awful defense, and like a movie trailer, only the best gets out. They’ll be 11 or 12 teams looking for quarterbacks saying ‘I’ll give you a 2nd for him.’ But if you let him play five games, you know a little more than we’re comfortable you knowing. Play Jordan Love against the Lions bad defense [in Week 18] and let him carve up Detroit. They’ll be out of the playoffs. Let me throw a team out for you, they have a 70-year-old coach who may have no interest at all, even though they might have the pick to get it, to rolling the dice on a college kid who is 22. The Seahawks have two firsts and two seconds. Geno Smith is good enough to get them to the playoffs now. Pete Carroll may say I want the Georgia interior lineman first, their biggest weakness, then I’m going to get another edge rusher. Top of the second they get a center— another weakness, and then that second pick in the 2nd round what do they have for a ‘need’? Nothing really. Give up your second 2nd round pick to get Jordan Love. Three years under Aaron Rodgers, three years NFL practice, roll the dice on him. So what if you miss? You hit such a home run on the Russell Wilson deal and you hit such a home run in the draft last year, good God, their first six picks are all great. Jordan Love in Seattle is perfect. You think Pete Carroll at 70 wants to roll the dice on tiny Bryce Young? I don’t think CJ Stroud is going to be a great pro. Will Levis is a mess, although he’s talented, but he’s a project. Pete Carroll is out of the ‘project’ business. Jordan Love is going to be 25 next year with three years behind Aaron Rodgers. Green Bay would love some draft capital if they’re going to keep Aaron Rodgers. Why? Because he’s so damn expensive that they gotta get some cheap labor. They gotta hit Christian Watson picks two or three times.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the Seattle Seahawks should trade for Packers backup quarterback Jordan Love this offseason, as arguably the league's most surprising team will go into the 2023 offseason with Geno Smith as a free agent and a boatload of draft capital from the Russell Wilson trade.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he doesn’t think Pete Carroll, the oldest coach in the league, would want to experiment with a QB project like Bryce Young, CJ Stroud, or Will Levis, given how high of a pick Seattle will get if the Broncos continue their freefall.

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