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Jason Whitlock Rips the Deion Sanders Hire: 'He's About to Get Eaten Alive'

Jason Whitlock: “I predicted wrongly that Deion would not leave Jackson State for Colorado, I didn’t think it was a good enough job and it kind of shocked me and surprised me. It speaks to Deion’s desperation to get away from Jackson State. He didn’t want to struggle anymore, so he’s run off to Colorado where he can get better facilities, a bigger paycheck, and access to better athletes. My number one takeaway— as Black people, we would rather beg than build our own. That’s what this whole Deion Sanders situation truly illustrates. Rather than build our own great program, dynasty, legacy, and platform, we would rather go beg White people to give us access to their platform. You won’t hear one Black celebrity going ‘I’m mad Deion left Jackson State because I was going to donate $50 million to Jackson State’s football program in order to keep that thing rolling.’ You won’t hear P. Diddy say that, you won’t hear LeBron James say that, you won’t hear Dr. Dre, who gave $70 million to USC, say that, you won’t hear Oprah Winfrey, you won’t hear any of the alleged ‘pro-Blacks’ talking today about donating money to Jackson State. You know why? Because we think the White man’s ice is colder, and we don’t believe in building anything of our own. Anything that is ‘all-Black’, we don’t think is any good, so we don’t build it, we don’t invest in it, and we certainly don’t support it over the long haul… I don’t think Deion Sanders is going to be successful at Colorado. I HATED his speech to his players at Colorado yesterday. This guy thinks he’s Jesus Christ. Coaches need to talk about ‘WE’ not ‘I’. I don’t see this working over the long haul. I think it’s great what he did at Jackson State, he recruited more talent than everyone at Jackson State and that’s why he won. In the Pac-12 he will not recruit more talent than everyone else. He’s actually going to have to coach, motivate, and lead. Promising your son and other players jobs before a practice has even been played?? Doesn’t work for me… He doesn’t want to do the hard work of turning Jackson State into a premiere football institution and I think he had a chance to do that if the Black celebrities who love to talk about how ‘pro-Black’ they are had dumped their money in Jackson State. What Deion is leaving for is what Black people do all the time. ‘I want to go work at that White institution where their White alumni actually support that institution.’ Black people, we don’t support our own institutions. He said Jackson State was crime-ridden, Deion wanted out of there as fast as possible, and that’s what is irritating people… [Discussing Deion’s introductory meeting with Colorado players] I would have walked out. This guy is making it all about him, this is idolatry at the highest level. It’s self-idolatry. This will not work. No head coach who has had any kind of success gave that kind of speech. Coaches don’t talk that way, it’s about the kids. It’s all inappropriate, Deion doesn’t play by any set of rules, you can do that at the SWAC [conference]. He’s about to get eaten alive by Pac-12 coaches that are irate that he’s going to be trying to entice their kids to get into the transfer portal. This is not going to work. I would have walked out of that meeting, DUECES, Deion.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ rip Deion Sanders for his pompous introductory press conference with his Colorado players this week, saying that he would have walked out of the meeting in disgust if he were a Colorado football player.

Check out the video above as Whitlock details why he think Sanders will be ‘eaten alive’ in a Power 5 conference.

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