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Colin Cowherd on Baker Mayfield's NFL Future: 'It's Too Little, Too Late'

Colin Cowherd: “I don’t have a strong Baker take, I wish him well, I don’t root against professional athletes. Russell Westbrook drives me crazy, Baker Mayfield drove me crazy, but he’s a nice kid, he’s married, three more Rams game are on primetime TV—  he’ll probably make the Rams a little more compelling. Everybody loves a comeback story so he’ll find a few people to grab onto him but… Offensive coaches like to resurrect people. Andy Reid resurrected Michael Vick’s career, Sean Payton loved Taysom Hill, Sean McVay saved Jared Goff’s career [after Jeff Fisher], Josh McDaniels— everybody told him ‘DON’T DRAFT TEBOW.’ Offensive coaches love to find young quarterbacks and prove all their doubters wrong. I think it’s too little and too late for Baker Mayfield. Yes, I was right, I didn’t think it was a strong take although I got tons of pushback for saying ‘kind of a short guy with an average arm who’s cocky probably won’t be worth a number one pick.’ I also said I thought his immaturity would be his downfall; he sometimes was snarky and not very likeable. I thought he would be a fairly accurate distributor of the football, but his accuracy was always underwhelming and got significantly worse as his offensive lines got a little worse. The Rams o-line is just not very good, and the team and offensive personnel or what’s left of it is just not very good. I don’t have any strong or anti-Baker Mayfield take, I wish him well, his career is sort of what I thought it would be.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Baker Mayfield’s uncertain future in the NFL and the prospects of Mayfield being able to rebrand himself on the Los Angeles Rams.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why he doesn’t see light at the end of the tunnel for the former no. 1 overall pick.

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