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Colin Cowherd Says Tua Tagovailoa Was Exposed as a 'Poser' vs. Chargers

Colin Cowherd: “The legit stars and the posers we saw separation. Geno Smith without a run-game, pretty average, isn’t he? Tua under pressure the last couple weeks, he’s bad isn’t he? Please judge quarterbacks when life isn’t perfect – when their o-line is banged up, when they’re under pressure, when they’re trailing late in games. Tua is small and brittle, and not very athletic. Has he ever thrown a deep ball to Tyreek Hill that wasn’t underthrown? But he has a clever, smart head coach and unbelievable wide receivers so he has fooled a lot of people. I had three friends at the game last night and two of them were texting me driving home and they were like ‘it’s actually worse in person. There’s guys wide open for the Dolphins, he just can’t get the ball to them.’ There’s not much open for the Chargers and Herbert is still going to still have the night of his life. Justin Herbert was under constant duress, has never had a coach we like, and he’s breaking Andrew Luck’s records. Justin Herbert deniers are election deniers. Can’t reason with them, just nod and walk away from the conversation. Will Justin Herbert become the Nolan Ryan of the NFL? An iconic, beloved, and awe-inspiring flamethrower, and then after all those years he’ll be slightly above .500 with some really cool records. THAT’S what I worry about. With Tua, I wonder if he can stay healthy. I wonder if Herbert’s franchise will screw him over, that’s the kind of talent he is. It’s a once in a lifetime thing— brains A+, he was a 4.2 biology major who became a tutor, arm— A+, size— A+, temperament— A+. I got nothing against Tua, but there’s a reason the Dolphins tried to trade him for Deshaun Watson, sat him behind Ryan Fitzpatrick, and wanted to get rid of him for 44-year-old Tom Brady.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the ‘Justin Herbert vs. Tua Tagovailoa’ comparisons predictably came to a crashing halt after their head-to-head matchup on Sunday Night Football, as it became painfully apparent who was really the franchise quarterback.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks Week 14 seperated the ‘legit stars’ from the ‘posers.’

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