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Here's What Colin Cowherd Said About Baker Mayfield's Stunning TNF Comeback

Colin Cowherd: “I felt this was Baker Mayfield’s greatest moment as a pro. I know, I know, he won a playoff game with Cleveland but that team was loaded. That offensive line was unbelievable. Tight ends, Nick Chubb, wide receivers— just don’t crash the Mercedes. The Rams are a mess. Ben Skowronek was his go-to guy. On the other side of the field it was Davante Adams and Derek Carr on a winning streak. That was Baker Mayfield’s greatest moment as a pro. Last night gave him one more shot to be a starting quarterback in this league. This league replaces a quarter of its coaches every year, and a quarter of its quarterbacks. Teams are looking for players. Baker has often been his own worst enemy, nobody can deny that, even Baker’s fans. Let’s not go crazy, backups, and that’s what he is now in the league, backups win all the time. Cooper Rush won four straight games, Taylor Heinicke has won five or six. But last night was wonderful drama. If you didn’t root for Baker Mayfield last night, you don’t have a soul, c’mon. Baker has always been more of a craps player than a professor counting cards, and last night felt like Vegas. Way to go, Baker.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Baker Mayfield’s incredible Thursday Night Football comeback vs. the Las Vegas Raiders, as Mayfield’s Rams shockingly came back from a 16-3 deficit in the dying minutes of the game.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why last night was the ‘greatest moment of Mayfield’s pro career’, and added ‘if you didn’t root for Baker Mayfield last night you don’t have a soul.’

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