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Jason Whitlock Says Brittney Griner's Release 'Damages America'

Jason Whitlock: “I am not pleased about what we have just done to secure the release of Brittney Griner. That will not make me popular. This is wrong, this damages America, this weakens America, this makes us look foolish. I get that Russia’s laws on drugs are draconian and way too punitive but Brittney Griner took that risk. She violated their laws and we shouldn’t have bent over backwards and sent an arms dealer nicknamed ‘The Merchant of Death’ for the release of a basketball player who has done everything in her power to diminish America and portray America as ‘unfair’ and ‘racist’, and beneath her. That’s who jumps to the front of the line? Ahead of a Marine and a school teacher? And we give up a known terrorist for a basketball player? All because of the alphabet mafia [LGBTQ/BLM], and ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’, and critical race theory? Critical race theory is being used against us. Vladimir Putin just played us like a fiddle because we don’t have the proper mindset for a nation that wants to be ruler and king of the world. We’re off on some BS and he just exploited it. They’re saying he ‘targeted’ Brittney Griner because he was smart enough to realize ‘well, in America, snatch up one of these high profile alphabet mafia people and America will bend over backwards and cough up ‘The Merchant of Death’ for a tatted up, hostile to America basketball player that no one watches or even cares about.' I know I’m not supposed to say this and we’re all supposed to play the ‘THANK GOD BRITTNEY IS HOME!’ They overpaid for Brittney and now they’ll make a bad deal to bring Paul Whelan home. The Whelan family should be happy that the Biden administration just cut a ridiculously bad deal to bring home a basketball player that no one watches because now they can stand on their platform and say ‘my son was a Marine, he actually contributed to American society. What price are you willing to pay to bring HIM home?’ This is all orchestrated. I saw a bunch of people on ESPN this morning playing the game, acting like they’re concerned over Paul Whelan. These people don’t care about Paul Whelan. They think the same thing about Paul Whelan as they think about Marc Fogel. They don’t care about Whelan or Fogel, they just wanted Brittney home, they just wanted to flex their alphabet mafia strength and they did it. ‘Brittney is home!’, ‘America is better now!’ -- we just had to give up an arms dealer to prove that ‘Queer Lives Matter.’ We are all less safe now traveling abroad, and Russia, China, and everybody else is laughing at America. We’re a clown show and no one respects us, nor should they. We’re a clown show, we’re not making decisions in the best interests of our country, we’re making decisions in the best interests of whatever special interest group is whining and crying the loudest. We’re a joke, you already know it.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why he thinks the United States looks like a ‘clown show’ after the Biden administration secured a prisoner swap with Russia for the release of WNBA player Brittney Griner in exchange for infamous Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, nicknamed 'The Merchant of Death’.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why Griner ‘skipped the line’ over other notable Americans held captive in Russia simply because Griner is ‘Black and gay’, adding that the Biden administration caved to LGBTQ and BLM special interest groups rather than make a decision in the best interests of the United States.

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