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Colin Cowherd Says Patriots Are Holding Back 'Franchise QB' Mac Jones

Colin Cowherd: “I’m watching Mac Jones, young kid, early-20’s… barking and yelling the last couple weeks and I’m thinking to myself— I can’t blame him. They’ve given him a defensive coordinator to call his plays. At one point in the game [on Monday], half his throws were behind the line of scrimmage. His protection is okay but he doesn’t have anything resembling an elite wide receiver. Hunter Henry, cast off by another team, is his go-to guy. I don’t think Mac Jones is a top 10 talent, maybe I’m wrong, but he’s a lot better than what he’s allowed to be. New England has a great culture, a great defense, brilliant head coach, but their offensive coordinator is a defensive guy, that’s what they do. We’re forgetting that Mac Jones started one year in college, comes into the NFL, they don’t have any weapons… do you remember how good his numbers were last year? You’d be surprised if you went back: 67% completion percentage, 10-7 record, 92.5 rating, 22-13 TD/INT, 3,800 yards… All these numbers blow Trevor Lawrence and Justin Fields out of the water. I have sympathy for Mac Jones. His regression is not a reflection on Mac Jones, it is a reality check on where the Patriots are as a franchise. ALL their talent, all their brainpower, is on the defensive side of the ball. Go back to his rookie numbers, with nothing to work with they were shockingly good. He was yelling, he was barking, but he goes to the podium like a franchise quarterback does and falls on the sword, ‘hey, we get along great.’ This kid was a lot better than we give him credit for, and they’re not doing him any favors.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the often derided Mac Jones is actually a ‘franchise quarterback’ who the New England Patriots franchise is greatly holding back.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks Jones is massively underrated and a young quarterback who is finding a way to succeed on a defensive oriented team with very little offensive ingenuity.

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