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Emmanuel Acho Apologizes to Chargers Fans For Doubting Justin Herbert

Emmanuel Acho: “After Justin Herbert’s performance yesterday [Sunday], ‘sorry’ is not enough, so I have self-imposed three punishments that I must adhere to. Number one: although ‘sorry’ is not enough, an apology is necessary. I will issue an apology immediately. Justin Herbert, it’s my bad. This one is on me, you dominated last night. You were throwing strikes, you were throwing darts. Shame on me for doubting you last night. I am sorry Justin Herbert, Chargers fans, your boy Acho is taking this ‘L’ like a man and standing in it, I’m sorry. Second thing I must do as a self-imposed punishment, I will not engage in the Tua/Herbert debate for the rest of the regular season. The debate is still out there but I will personally not engage, and I will refrain for the rest of the regular season. If they see themselves again in the playoffs, we can talk then. Number three, I will not refer to Justin Herbert as a ‘social media quarterback’ again until Week 18 when you’ll have the Denver Broncos in what could be a must-win game. Chargers fans, I’m sorry, you have my word, you did show love in the stadium and I appreciate you.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Emmanuel Acho finally take it on the chin for his role in the heated Tua Tagovailoa vs. Justin Herbert debate on Twitter the past couple months, as Acho had been on ‘Team Tua’ for most of the season, while incensing Chargers fans in the process by calling Herbert a ‘social media quarterback' who specializes in highlight reel plays but not big victories.

Check out the segment above as Acho issues an apology to all Charges fans out there, as Sunday Night Football’s head-to-head match between the Chargers and Dolphins saw Tagovailoa badly outplayed by Herbert.

Here were the original takes from Acho that made him suddenly become public enemy no. 1 for Herbert loyalists:

“Justin Herbert is a social media quarterback. What do I mean? Justin Herbert makes throws that can go viral on social media this day in age. Instagram reels, Tik Tok videos, Twitter clips— he makes social media throws. And on social media they don’t show you interceptions; that’s not fun. People aren't going to retweet an interception, people aren’t going to retweet a bad sack, people aren’t going to retweet a bad decision, but that is who Justin Herbert is, a social media quarterback. We always look for Justin Herbert to succeed but had Tua made the mistake to throw a pick at the end of a game with two timeouts remaining he’d be crushed. Had Jalen Hurts thrown a pick with two timeouts remaining at the end of the game, he would be crushed. But for whatever reason, our beloved Justin Herbert— he does it and we simply look away. I WON’T, I’m looking dead into the heart of the camera.”

“Justin Herbert has never been in an MVP conversation. Tua is in an MVP conversation, Jalen Hurts is in an MVP conversation… Justin Herbert hasn’t made the playoffs, Jalen Hurts has made the playoffs, and Tua is currently sitting as a #2 seed overall. Justin Herbert has a whole bunch of statistics but they are empty. It’s like when you get that bag of chips and you open it up and you realize that you paid $6.99 for a bag of chips but it’s half empty. Justin Herbert’s statistics are half empty. All of these touchdown passes, what has it amounted to? Here is the problem with us in society: we think a two-handed reverse windmill dunk is worth more than a layup. A layup is worth two points, a reverse windmill is worth two points… So Justin Herbert’s 60-yard dime pass is not worth more than Jalen Hurts’ six-minute methodical drive down the field. It’s not worth more than Tua’s play-action pass finding Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle on a crosser. But we esteem it as if it’s worth more and it makes no sense to me. I do not understand how you can look at a man in Tua who has won 21 games in 30 games, and you can look at Justin Herbert, who took 43 games to win 21 games, and try to say that Justin Herbert is better than Tua. Don’t talk to me about defense. Chargers fans wants to say ‘WELL, JUSTIN HERBERT’S RUSH DEFENSE IS THE WORST IN FOOTBALL!’ Patrick Mahomes had the 31st rush defense in football last year, he found a way to win 13 games. The Packers had the 30th worst rush defense in football last year, Aaron Rodgers found a way to win 13 games. Stop talking to me about the defense. Lastly, if you were second in passing attempts, I would HOPE that you were second in yards, but he’s NOT. He’s second in pass attempts and fifth in yards, so even that math ain’t math-ing.”

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