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Colin Cowherd on Tua Tagovailoa's NFL Future: 'He's Not the Right Guy'

Photo: Bryan Bennett

Colin Cowherd: “Let’s add context to that game [Dolphins vs. Bills]. The weather was not a factor until six minutes to go so Miami got a break. Miami also had the better game plan, the better offensive coach, arguably the two fastest wide receivers in the league, Tua had unbelievable run support, and only went 17 of 30. Josh Allen had no run game, five years in Sean McDermott still hasn’t built up a reliable run game or offensive line, often running for his life, and you never know what you get with Gabriel Davis, but when the blizzard moved in with 5 minutes to go, Josh Allen put a cape on and won that game. Tua didn’t screw it up, Josh Allen WON it. Yesterday Mahomes WON it, Trevor Lawrence WON it, Herbert WON it, Burrow WON it, that’s the standard to be great. Miami has been mostly average or awful, so the standard is ‘well, he’s not screwing it up!’ I agree, when you give him that game plan, that run support, you got a break with weather, those weapons, and that speed he’s more than capable of going...17 for 30. Tebow won seven straight he just didn’t screw up the Broncos defense, Matt Prater, and a decent run game. Tua is an easy quarterback and an easy kid to root for, and a great story to root for but Josh Allen won the game, and when the weather got bad it was like Josh Allen got better. When Tua returned from an injury in Week 7 he faced five straight non-playoff teams, went 5-0 and looked like a Pro Bowler. In the last three he played against playoff teams, 0-3, completing less than 50% of his throws. You gotta be better than ‘HE DIDN’T SCREW IT UP!’ If you’re constantly talking about 'play-calling!' you don’t have the right guy. It’s not a shot at Tua— Miami outcoached them, out-game planned them, had better running, and LOST.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd once again explain why he doesn’t think Tua Tagovailoa is the future in Miami, as the former MVP contender has lost three straight games for a Dolphins team that is now clinging to a playoff spot.

Check out the video above as Colin details why Tua’s 5-game winning streak last month more resembled Tim Tebow's iconic 7-game winning streak in 2011 than it did the birth of the next quarterback star.

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