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Colin Cowherd Says Tua Tagovailoa Has Become the New Tim Tebow

Colin Cowherd: “I said about a month ago, what if Tua goes out west against these defenses, what happens when it’s cold, what happens when he goes up to a Cincinnati, or a Buffalo, or a Kansas City, and the weather is not warm… and he gets exposed? I got major pushback. The past couple weeks he’s faced really heavy pass rushes and he’s been absolutely awful… like Tim Tebow awful, like 3 for 17 awful. People forget the Tebow thing. Tebow won 7 straight games and reasonable people, excellent NFL people lost their collective minds. Coaches, players— ‘IT’S DIVINE INTERVENTION!’  He can’t throw a 25-yard out-route, what are you talking about? Bad quarterbacks sometimes go on winning streaks. Those Denver teams had a great defense, they had Matt Prater, Tebow was AWFUL until they went to a prevent defense his last drive of the game. Winning streaks I guess make people crazy. Tebow is a fourth string quarterback, a clipboard holder. Nice kid but people went nuts. Your eyes don’t lie, watch him throw. But our hearts, they tug at us. Our minds fool us. We root for the underdog and Tebow was a great story. Southern, Christian, nobody believed in him… Tua similarly goes on a winning streak. ‘FIVE GAME WINNING STREAK! WOO! THE NUMBERS!’ Four of the five teams he beat were ranked 31st, 29th, 27th, and 26th in defense, and the so-so defense – the Steelers defense was middle of the pack and the Dolphins only scored 16 points. He’s small, he’s said he sometimes can’t see over the line, and he’s been injured in college and pro football. But he does have Tyreek Hill, Jaylen Waddle, they went and got an all-time left tackle, upgraded everywhere, brought in a young genius head coach, then in warm weather, standing upright, lots of time, quick release, he pulls off a five-game winning streak. But four of those five defenses are AWFUL. Context matters. You can say social media is at fault, but social media wasn’t as prevalent or important when Tim Tebow was there. I think it comes down to most people are good people and we root for the little guy and we root for the people that nobody believes in. Most Americans have a good heart and we root for the undersized person, and we root for the person who has had to have obstacles. With Tebow it spoke well for us. We were delusional but it spoke well for us. We were rooting for the kid nobody believed in. With Tua, you see his hands fence, he’s little, it touches your heart and you want that guy to succeed. Tua currently leads in Pro Bowl voting, Tebow led in jersey sales. They weren’t anywhere near the best player but we loved their ‘story’, and it’s a good 'story'. The little guy that nobody believes in is rolling and crushing it. But I do wonder – if this game vs. the Bills completely unravels, are we looking at a guy who is probably capable of a winning streak but we fell in love with the ‘story’, instead of just trusting our eyes that don’t really lie?” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Tua Tagovailoa’s breakout season more resembles a Tim Tebow underdog story than a franchise quarterback blossoming as the league’s next great star.

Check out the segment above as Colin draws the parallels between the two quarterbacks, as at one time in 2011 Tebow was on a six-game winning streak in the midst of an improbable run that got the Broncos not only a playoff berth, but a thrilling overtime victory in the Wild Card round as well.

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