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Jason Whitlock: America Will Quickly Lose Interest in Brittney Griner Story

Jason Whitlock: “Coming home and having gone through this ordeal Brittney Griner's now far more well-known than she’s ever been at any point in her life. People know who she is, they know her by name, obviously you’d know her by site because there are very few 6’8” women on the planet, but do you think she’s now a more interesting basketball player who will draw television ratings next summer when the WNBA returns?”

Steve Kim: “Absolutely… For one game… and then we will go back to not caring about the WNBA. Her first game or five might be interesting, and there will be a group of virtue-signaling fans that have never cared about the WNBA making up their signs ‘WE ARE B.G.’ and ‘WELCOME BACK!’ and they’ll do it for social media clout like this is an ‘in’ thing. She is now part of the philosophy of grievance industry -- she’s gonna cash in on it, and there will be a group of people that may go to a game when they play the LA Sparks, but then by about the 10th game we will find something else because it’s still WNBA basketball and nobody will really care about it. We’re almost treating this like the modern-day version of the 1979 Iranian hostage situation. It was bad enough that we all had to care ‘WE’RE ALL BG!’, and now you’re going to expect us to actually watch an WNBA game? HARD PASS for me.”

Whitlock: “This is poorly timed. Potentially what could happen, she’s getting out in December, everybody is going to do all these Christmas stories on her, she’ll be on all the shows doing all these interviews, and by the time the summer gets here all the shine, and all the interest is going to be gone. They’re going to dress up this story. The hell we’re about to hear that she went through in Russia, the night she had to take on 16 members of a Russian mafia and she fought them all off, they’re going to try to her into the female ‘Rock.’ I just think it’s poorly timed, they should have let her sit over there for another 6-7 months and bring her out a month before the WNBA season and then there would actually be interest in the games. The interest in her game will last about through the first quarter of a WNBA game because once everybody is like ‘oh… yeah...’, they’ll get a reminder ‘THIS is why I don’t watch the WNBA’ and they’re going to tune out. It’s just not that interesting.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock and co-host Steve Kim of ‘Fearless’ discuss the reaction recently released Brittney Griner will attain when she makes her first public appearance back in the United States after being detained in a Russian prison for 10 months, as both Whitlock and Kim think the interest in Griner’s story will wane quickly.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock and Kim detail why they don’t believe the WNBA will see a legitimate growth in business because of Griner’s expected comeback this May when the 2023 season begins, and think the story is ultimately not very interesting to the average basketball fan.

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