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Rob Parker Says This is the Best Destination for Tom Brady in 2023

Rob Parker: “I don’t see Brady staying in Tampa. I think the Raiders are the slam dunk because of Josh McDaniels, and to have a guy like Davante Adams, which would bail Brady out. You would have a playmaker and he would salivate for a guy like that. Josh Jacobs is good, that team was supposed to be playing good for Derek Carr!"
Chris Broussard: “I like Tennessee. Ryan Tannehill? Derrick Henry is there… Right now the Niners look like the best fit, but what if Brock Purdy somehow leads them to the Super Bowl? They’ve got everything, they’ve got the skill position players on the outside, they got the tight end in Kittle which we know Brady loves, great running game with McCaffrey there, a great defense, they’ve got EVERYTHING there set up for him. And no matter what you might think of Kyle Shanahan, he’s a creative play-caller.”
Parker: “I do think Brady and Shanahan could be oil and water where Shanahan wants to solidly himself as a ‘genius’, and a football guy, and Brady will not enhance that. It does nothing for Kyle Shanahan. If they win it it’s going to be all about Brady.”
Broussard: “Kyle Shanahan is feeling himself a little bit, like ‘Brock Purdy, 7th round, nobody thought this guy could play, I discovered him’… I think there’s definitely some of that going on.”

Watch Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss where they think Tom Brady will be playing next year if the 45-year-old impending free agent decides to leave Tampa Bay and hunt more rings with a Super Bowl contender.

Check out the segment above as Rob and Chris debate which destination would make the most sense for the 23-year veteran who doesn’t seem likely to return to a downtrodden Bucs franchise that has lost much of its luster since their Super Bowl victory in February of 2021.

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