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Former NFL Player Rips Dak Prescott: 'Dak is A**'

LeSean McCoy: “Dak is a**. Can I say that on TV? Because he is A**, A**. This is the second game that he has just lost by throwing picks. He threw two picks to the Packers when he had a 14-point lead— LOST, then they were up 17 [vs. Jacksonville], throws picks and they LOST. The first one he threw was terrible, that AWFUL, like where was he throwing that ball to?? Dak Prescott has the second easiest job, first goes to Purdy and Jimmy G with the 49ers— great defense, run the ball very well, make safe passes— Dak has the EASIEST job in football. The picks he’s throwing? He’s not even trying to thread the needle, or fit them through small little windows, these are easy passes. They run the ball well, what else can they do?? I pay you $160 million and this is how you play?? If you’re telling me that’s outstanding, I don’t know what to say, I’m lost for words. You keep talking about these numbers [talking to co-host David Helman who said Dak had a top 10 passer rating in Week 15], when you watch the game with your eyes he looked TRASH. It’s crazy, it’s like I’m getting ‘Punk’d’ or something. When you all watch the game, he looked good to you?? He lost the game for them to the Jaguars! Dak is so average it’s crazy. The hype he gets? If he played for another team we would never talk about him." (Full Segment Above)

Watch former NFL All-Pro running back and FS1 ‘Speak’ host LeSean McCoy call out Dak Prescott for his two interception performance in Dallas’ shocking Week 16 collapse to the Jaguars, as McCoy rips Prescott for being ‘so average it’s crazy’, and adds that Prescott would be irrelevant if he wasn’t on the Cowboys.

Check out the segment above as Shady goes so far to say that Prescott is ‘playing like a**’, and then doubles down even more when questioned by co-host Emmauel Acho.