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The Real Reason the San Francisco Giants Decided Not to Sign Carlos Correa

Photo: David Berding

Jason Smith: “How did this fall through with the Giants?”

Jon Morosi: “It’s not terribly uncommon for there to be a little bit of a lag between the agreement and the actual announcement, usually it’s to reveal the medical records. This is not unexpected that there would be some time in-between. My understanding and what I was told today by a source close to the negotiations was that there was an issue with a foot injury that he had sustained in the Minor Leagues. The Giants doctors believed there was some concern about that injury and what it could portend for the future. Part of this conversation, of course, is the insurance angle, because a contract of this magnitude is typically insured. There are at times exclusions from insurance policies where if an underwriter looks at the underlying information and says ‘well, we’ve got a knee that was troublesome’, ‘an ankle’, or ‘an elbow’, that they can sometimes exclude that from the policy. That has happened. Honestly, once the Giants came back and said 'We’ve got some concerns, we can’t go forward with the deal on these terms’, I think that Scott Borras and Carlos Correa said ‘wait a minute, the Mets got involved late, Steve Cohen will spend anything to bring in any superstar, before we do anything else my next phone call will be to Steve Cohen.’ Once Cohen was engaged I think the Giants missed an opportunity. If the Giants thought he had no other choice out there and they wanted to play hardball and said ‘listen, we don’t think that you’re worth ‘X’, we think we have to drop the offer by $100 million’ and that's just a number I'm using for example, then if they felt like they were in a favorable negotiating position, then yeah, go ahead and try that. But if their intention was to raise a fairly technical issue and try to save tens of millions of dollars in the process because they felt like Correa didn’t have another good option, then they badly misread the market. Everybody knew Cohen was interested, he said it on the record like four days ago. It’s a case of Scott Boras knowing what to do and knowing who to call. He had just negotiated the Brandon Nimmo deal with Steve Cohen several days prior. Everybody has to realize now that if you’ve got a superstar out there your job as an agent on day 1 is to call Steve Cohen. Either he’s going to sign him, or his presence is going to bid up the price. The ramifications of not just this deal, but what Steve Cohen has done all winter are going to be felt for years, and there going to be very expensive because now he is the looming specter of ‘well, we can call Steve Cohen if you don’t up your offer.’ As long as Cohen is the owner of the Mets, a lot of GMs and owners won’t be able to sleep soundly during a negotiation.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to MLB insider Jon Morosi join The Jason Smith Show on Fox Sports Radio to break down the shocking outcome of the Carlos Correa free agent sweepstakes that saw a 13-year, $350 million deal to San Francisco get nixed at zero hour, only to have Steve Cohen and the New York Mets swoop in to ink Correa to 12 years, at $315 million.

Check out the segment above as Morosi details why the Giants doctors flagged Correa’s medicals in an unprecedented turn of events.

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