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Colin Cowherd Blasts Lakers: 'It's Time to Consider Selling the Franchise'

Colin Cowherd: “This is the tenth season since the great Dr. Jerry Buss passed away. The Lakers have gone from ‘Showtime’ to timeshares, it’s not good. Yesterday, the Phoenix Suns sold for $4 billion. What are the Lakers worth? The Buss’ could sell this minimum $8 billion, maybe $10 billion. The Clippers sold for half of what the Suns did, and they were the biggest joke in the league. I don’t think this family, now with the great Jerry Buss has passed, is equipped to run this franchise. A lot of teams just folded their tent in the COVID season— and if you take out the COVID season the Lakers in the last ten years have been to the playoffs twice, had six coaches, and have never won a playoff series. This year LeBron is in year 20, AD is hurt again, Westbrook is a $47 million annual bench player, and they have no shooters. Front office, depth, roster, scouting internationally, it is discouraging to say the least. When I saw $4 billion for the Phoenix Suns, many of you don’t realize this, Jeanie Buss is now, after the Sarver sale, the poorest NBA owner. I think it’s time to consider selling the franchise. They are not equipped, they’re just not. The Dodgers are pulling away in the market share with stars everywhere. You see what the Dodgers are doing with Bellinger, Justin Turner, Trea Turner… They’re going after Ohtani, perhaps the most remarkable baseball talent in 50-60 years. If the Suns can go for $4 billion, the Lakers can go for $8 billion. Phoenix is a small market and California is the fourth biggest economy in the league. I just don’t think they’re equipped. I don’t think they’re equipped at the executive branch, the ownership branch… It doesn’t mean they’re bad people but these second-generation businesses, 75%of them fail, and third-generation businesses, 95% of them fail. If you take out the Bubble, playoffs twice as the number one brand. The Lakers have gone from a huge global brand to a marginal national brand, to I believe the second-biggest brand in Los Angeles to the Dodgers.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Jeanie Buss needs to consider selling the Los Angeles Lakers franchise just days after the Phoenix Suns were unexpectedly sold for $4 billion.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he doesn’t think the family-owned Lakers are competent enough to survive in a ‘smart’ and analytics driven NBA that has clearly left them behind.

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