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Emmanuel Acho Rips Raiders For Benching Derek Carr: 'Bench Josh McDaniels'

Emmanuel Acho: “This is a TERRIBLE decision and shame on Josh McDaniels. Derek Carr is likely the best thing to happen to Josh McDaniels as a head coach and you have the audacity to bench maybe the best thing that’s happened to you as a head coach?? Derek Carr has had six head coaches during his nine years in the league. Dennis Allen, Tony Sparano, Jon Gruden, Del Rio, Bisaccia, and now McDaniels. Derek Carr has had MVP votes, Derek Carr is a three-time Pro Bowler, Derek Carr the last three seasons averages a 68% completion percentage. Then YOU, Josh McDaniels, shows up and he’s down to 60%? Josh McDaniels without Derek Carr we know is bad, but Derek Carr without Josh McDaniels we know is good. If the job as the coach is to make the player better, then don’t cause the player to be worse, blame the player for getting worse, then bench the player. It’s asinine. I hate when smaller coaches ruin greater players’ legacies. It was Ben McAdoo who benched Eli Manning after 254 consecutive starts. Eli was not great at that time, I played against aging Eli, but there is something bigger at that moment in time than football. Just let him start, the backup at the time, Geno Smith, wasn’t good either. LeSean McCoy grew up in Pennsylvania, plays for Pitt, drafted to the Eagles, Eagles all-time rushing leader, and Chip Kelly has the audacity to trade him? Sometimes there are players that are more important than the coaches, and what Derek Carr has done for the Raiders is more important than what Josh McDaniels can do. His former coach was caught being every ‘ist’ or ‘ism’ you can think of, and Derek Carr weathered that storm. His former first round pick and teammate was charged with literal murder. Derek Carr weathered that storm and went to the playoffs. And less than a year later you want to bench him?” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Emmanuel Acho join The Herd with Joy Taylor and explain why he thinks it’s ‘asinine’ that Josh McDaniels has the nerve to bench Derek Carr, saying that McDaniels is trying to ruin Carr's legacy with the Raiders.

Check out the segment above as Acho details why he hates when ‘smaller coaches ruin great players’ legacies’, saying Carr is the best thing to happen to McDaniels.

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