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Colin Cowherd Ranks the Top 10 NFL Teams After Week 16

Watch Colin Cowherd count down his rankings of the top 10 teams in the NFL after a Week 16 in which the Jaguars ended the Zach Wilson era in New York, the Cowboys outdueled the Jalen Hurts-less Eagles, the Packers undressed the Dolphins to keep their playoff hopes alive, Nathaniel Hackett was finally put out of his misery by the Rams, the Colts clinched a playoff spot over the comatose Colts, and Tom Brady had another fourth quarter comeback to save Tampa from an embarrassing loss in Arizona,

Here are Colin’s Week 16 Herd Hierarchy Rankings as follows:

10. Packers (7-8) [Last Week: NR] "Three-game winning streak, third comeback of 10+ points, that's the most of any season in the Aaron Rodgers era."
9. Chargers (9-6) [Last Week: NR] "They have had 13 sacks in the last three games and here comes Nick Bosa, who is supposed to return this week."
8. Jaguars (7-8) [Last Week: 8] "This is a REAL football team and I think Trevor Lawrence is a star. He has the best passer rating in the NFL since Week 9."
7. Vikings (12-3) [Last Week: 10] "Their ceiling is low but Kirk Cousins is 11-0 in one-score games this year, that is just insane."
6. Eagles (13-2) [Last Week: 2] "They are not a top 5 team if Lane Johnson isn't playing. I don't care what they did, this is not a 'standings' list."
5. Cowboys (11-4) [Last Week: 7] "They're 7-2 since Dak returned, and have scored 25+ points in eight straight games."
4. Bills (12-3) [Last Week: 5] "Here is the thing that worries me about the Bills... 24 giveaways this year, only the Colts have more."
3. 49ers (11-4) [Last Week:4] "I have questions about Brock Purdy but they have an eight-game winning streak. They have allowed 20 or fewer points in eight straight games."
2. Chiefs (12-3) [Last Week: 3] "The best offense and the scariest offense. They have more touchdowns, 37, than touchdown passes allowed, 31."
1. Bengals (11-4) [Last Week: 1] "They're one of two teams who has had the same five starting line in each of the first 15 games this season."

Dropped from rankings: Lions, Dolphins.

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