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Emmanuel Acho Says Belichick is Hurting His Legacy: 'He May Need to Retire'

Emmanuel Acho: “The greatest of all time, coach Bill Belichick, it might be time to retire. This was the lowlight of the season [the final play vs. Las Vegas], the whole world is watching, and the Patriots somehow lose. Since Tom Brady walked out of New England it has been all bad for Belichick. Bill Belichick tried to spend boatloads of money, a $163 million to be exact [2021 offseason in unrestricted free agency], the problem is if you don’t have an eye for talent it does not matter how much you spent on talent because that talent will still fall short. After that $163 million spent, Bill Belichick went to the playoffs and he got whooped 47-17. Where does Belichick and his great legacy lie now? Without Tom Brady he’s 42-42. Since 2020, including the playoffs he’s 24-24. The greatest coach of all time and he’s literally AVERAGE? It might be time for Belichick to retire because he’s hurting his legacy.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Emmanuel Acho explain why he thinks Bill Belichick should strongly consider retiring from the NFL, as Belichick’s Patriots appear to be mired in mediocrity, and still without a franchise quarterback or no. 1 receiver.

Check out the segment above as Acho say he thinks Belichick’s legacy could lose more of its luster if he can’t even consistently win regular season games without Tom Brady anymore.

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