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Here's Who Sean Payton Thinks No One Wants to See in the NFL Playoffs

Sean Payton: “Every four years our league sees a division like the NFC South and we trash them… Since 1970 there have been six division winners that are at .500 or worse— those six teams have a first round record of 4-2. We were an 11-5 Wild Card team in 2011 and going to 7-9 Seattle. That’s when the Skittles fell from the sky and ‘Beast Mode’ [happened]. We had a 13-point lead in that game.  I say that because that’s a dangerous opponent, they’re playing with house money, and got into the postseason. Tampa Bay is going to be that opponents. Tampa Bay is going to host somebody and if you’re looking at it now it says Dallas goes to Tampa. That’s a tough game for Dallas.” (Segment Above)

Watch Sean Payton join The Herd with Colin Cowherd to discuss why he thinks the NFC South Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers are a ‘dangerous’ first round opponent despite their shoddy win/loss record, as Payton points out that 8-8 or 7-9 division champions are 4-2 all-time in opening round home games.

Check out the segment above as well as the FULL interview at the bottom of the page.

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