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Colin Cowherd Predicts Which NFL Teams Will Survive Week 18, Make Playoffs

Photo: DEL RIO

Colin Cowherd: “I do not think New England makes the playoffs. I think New England loses at Buffalo and I think Miami beats the Jets. Miami was missing seven or eight key starters in their loss on Sunday. They have really fallen apart physically, nobody is talking about it. Not just Tua, but Teddy Bridgewater gets hurts and they’re on a third-string quarterback against Belichick. I think Miami beats the Jets and gets in, and I think New England loses. Quite frankly, I think New England feels more like a playoff team, but when Tua is upright they move the ball. They check all the right boxes in 2020— clever offensive coach, excellent weapons, excellent left tackle, good edge rusher, and a good corner. Miami will be fascinating in the offseason. Between Tua and Teddy they can’t stay healthy; smaller guys in a big man’s sport—I think they have to consider a Brady or a Carr next year. I think Miami gets in. Seattle could win but they don’t control their own destiny, Green Bay does and I think they win and get in. Over the course of the season Seattle feels more like a playoff team but post-Thanksgiving Green Bay feels like a playoff team. I think Green Bay beats Detroit.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Week 18 NFL Playoff scenarios as Colin predicts who the final no. 7 seed will be from both the NFC and AFC.

Here are the playoff clinching scenarios for the no. 7 seed as follows:


Packers: WIN vs. Lions

Seahawks: WIN vs. Rams, AND Packers LOSE vs. Lions

Lions: WIN at Packers, AND Seahawks LOSE vs. Rams


Patriots: WIN vs. Bills, OR Jets, Steelers, Titans all LOSE

Dolphins: WIN vs. Jets, AND Patriots LOSE at Bills

Steelers: WIN vs. Browns, AND Dolphins and Patriots both LOSE

Jaguars [if they lose vs. Titans]: Dolphins, Patriots, and Steelers all LOSE

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