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Colin Cowherd: How the Green Bay Packers Saved Their Season

Photo: Kayla Wolf

Colin Cowherd: “There is a big difference between an offense that ‘calls plays’ and an offense that has an identity. Green Bay should have an identity, they have an offensive coach and Aaron Rodgers but has lacked it… And now they have found it. They are 5-0 when they run it at least 50% of the time. Matt LaFleur came to Green Bay known as a guy who could craft a run game so why the heck did it take so long?? When they focus on running they’re almost always good at it. Aaron Jones is fantastic, AJ Dillon is very capable, o-line is top six or seven minimum in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers is super smart and can manipulate and audible in and audible out... LaFleur is 12-0 as the Packers coach when he just runs 50% of the time. From day one this team has been too young and too limited on the perimeter to be a shootout team— that’s not what they are. Slowly, Christian Watson has developed into a real threat downtown and that’s great, but they’re not a great team, they’re a team that has to play a certain way to win, it just took them forever to figure out what it was. What’s fascinating is how much they run the ball affects the rest of their team. Their defense isn’t on the field. Have you looked at Green Bay’s defense during this four-game winning streak? Their time of possession goes up running, and their second half points allowed per game is second in the NFL [the last four games]. We were complaining about their defense all year but it was because it was on the field too much. Green Bay is running and the defense is rested and has much more energy in the second half and plays great. Earlier in the year they were just trying to call plays and figure out the rookie wide relievers, but they should look a lot like Wisconsin football. Big o-line, run the ball, one or two deep threats occasionally make a play. ‘Calling plays’ and an ‘identity’ are two different things, but finally you watch Green Bay and you’re like ‘that’s EXACTLY what they should be doing.’” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain how the Green Bay Packers have salvaged their season and put themselves into position to make the playoffs, as Green Bay went from a 4-8 doormat, to 8-8 and within one win from the postseason.

Check out the segment above as Colin details how the Packers finally established an identity on offense, and ended up pumping life into their defense in the process.

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