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Here's What Colin Cowherd Said About the Damar Hamlin Incident

Colin Cowherd: “I think the NFL got it right and hear me out on this… Anytime you have a crisis, communication is hard. It could be in the cockpit of a plane, it could be during a flood, it’s hard. People are panicking, people are scared. This was unprecedented. I also think they got it right. Maybe not on my timeline, I would have called it sooner. Maybe they did call it sooner and it took seven, eight, nine minutes for it to get down for everybody to hear it, I don’t know. In the European championships a couple years ago, Christian Eriksen, a wonderful player, collapsed. Once he was stabilized at a hospital the game continued on. That seems completely inappropriate to me. Years ago when Vince McMahon ran the WWE a wrestler died [Owen Hart] and they continued the show— that’s gross. Troy Vincent came out and said the NFL did NOT consider giving players ‘five minutes’ [to warm up]. I was confused because I saw Joe Burrow throwing a couple passes but players weren’t warming up. Players were crying and players were shocked. A lot of people are rightly giving credit to Sean McDermott or Zac Taylor because the coaches may have made the ultimate decision. We think to ourselves ‘why didn’t the commissioner??’ But you know how it works sometimes, the President calls a Governor, calls a Mayor, calls the Peace Corps, calls the National Guard for communication… Who is on the ground, who is there? Sean McDermott is listening to his players and he’s watching his players cry. It’s okay to lean in as a sport to people on the scene, they know what’s happening and they know what’s going on. They’re seeing their players sob, not somebody watching on a camera in New York City. The people in Cincinnati knew how serious it was and Sean McDermott had his arms around those players. It’s okay to lean into him ‘Sean, what is going on? What do you think?’” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the NFL ‘got it right’ on Monday Night Football with how the league handled the horrifying Damar Hamlin cardiac episode, saying unprecedented times can trigger a panic that may lead to resolutions being slightly delayed under duress.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks the league simply needed to gather more intel from boots on the ground like Sean McDermott and Zac Taylor to truly get sense of how dire and emotional the situation really was, and hence why the game wasn’t immediately cancelled.

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