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Colin Cowherd Lays Out Possible Aaron Rodgers Blockbuster Trade

Colin Cowherd: “I do believe this weekend that if Aaron and the Packers lost and don't make the playoffs, or they get in and then get eliminated quickly, I do believe they will strongly consider getting a first-round pick or two for Aaron Rodgers and rolling the dice with Jordan Love. They moved up to get him it looks like a total blown pick if you don't play him, and GM's like to play their picks, especially the first round picks they moved up for, and it does look like Jordan Love has gotten significantly better in the last year. That's what people say, that's what the film says, that's what we saw. So Aaron gets beat this weekend, you sit there and think ‘What's the point? We can do that with Jordan Love. We're still the best-run organization in this division.’ Some of you say ‘DEAD CAP HIT!’… It doesn't matter for a couple years, you would have a big dead cap hit, but you're not paying Jordan Love anything and this is a very complete roster. They could probably use an edge rusher, one more receiver, they went heavy into the o-line last year, this roster doesn't have a lot of needs. Maybe another edge rusher, maybe another receiver, that's about it. It’s a good roster, it's playing very well right now. I'll throw this at you: Aaron's smart, Aaron's calculated, his whole vaccine thing, he's calculated… Ask yourself this, he's going to be 39 years old and he's expensive. If Aaron keeps mentioning ‘I don't know if I'm gonna play’ [next year] then hmm, the team that gets him doesn't have to give up many picks. Aaron's not going to go play for a crappy team, he'll just retire. Tennessee's the team I put out there. It gives Mike Vrabel leverage, the guy talks retirement every 15 minutes, he's 39 years old, he's doing Ayahuasca in the offseason— I'm not giving you three first-round picks, I'll give you a one and a two. Especially after Russell Wilson’s disaster deal, a first and a second? Aaron understands wherever he goes, he doesn't want to gut the team's draft capital. He wants to go to Tennessee, he wants them to have enough picks to get him another receiver. Trey Burks they like a lot but they need another receiver. You don't want to have to give up multiple firsts or seconds, that's what hurts Denver's job right now, man, they got no picks next year. He's 39, he's super expensive, and he talks retirement— you're not going to have to give up nearly as much as you would if he was 36, say he's playing till he's 46 years old. If Aaron's three years younger and is like ‘I'm never retiring! I want to break Brady's record!’, you're gonna have to give up four firsts, two seconds, and a third. Aaron is smart, Titans could give up less [by Rodgers talking retirement]. You think Mike Vrabel thinks today he's going to win the AFC – Burrow, Allen, Mahomes, Herbert – with Tannehill?? Gotta have a gunslinger, gotta have an all-timer. Aaron's going to be the one all-timer on the market potentially.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain a scenario in which the Green Bay Packers lose to the Lions this week and fail to make the playoffs, or narrowly get in and get crushed in the first round, and end up finally ending the Aaron Rodgers era in favor of Jordan Love.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks Rodgers might be purposely discussing his impending retirement to drive down his price should a team start calling about trades with the Packers this offseason, adding that he thinks Tennessee would definitely be the type of team who would swing big for Rodgers.

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