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Colin Cowherd: It's Time For Packers to Move Off 'Selfish' Aaron Rodgers

Colin Cowherd: “Aaron Rodgers for the third straight year, not only lost at home lost as a favorite, but was outplayed in the fourth quarter at Lambeau Field. Look at the numbers, not good. Mahomes isn't getting outplayed, Burrow is not getting outplayed, Josh Allen, they're not getting out-played at home three years in a row. This is what he now is. One year can be an aberration, two— not sure, three is reality. He has been outplayed by Jared Goff, by an old Brady, by Jimmy Garoppolo three straight years, fourth quarter, at home. Add to the fact Green Bay's been walking on eggshells for years, add to the fact this organization moved up to see if Jordan Love could be their future. Look at the box score last night, Green Bay had 17 first downs, Jordan Love can do that. Green Bay was 4/12 on third down, Jordan Love can do that. They averaged five yards a play, Detroit averaged more and Detroit's defense is terrible. Jordan Love can do that. Aaron finished 15th in passer rating, he's not close to Mahomes or Josh Allen as a talent, he's not nearly as big and strong as Herbert, he's not even in the same galaxy right now as Joe Burrows situationally. It's time for a grown-up conversation. He's always talking about ‘manifesting’ this and that, he’s out there, man, and  he’s not committed in the off-season anymore. Mahomes is, Burrow is, Herbert is… He's now 39 and it feels like the TEAM is second in the off-season. It's time for the grown-up talk. I mean folks, I'm looking at his numbers last night, he got outplayed by Jared Goff – 17/27, 200 yards, a TD, and a pick. Jordan Love can do that, and he doesn't cost anything. This whole thing about dead cap, ‘What will the Packers do with the dead cap!', well, they're not paying Jordan Love anything so it's not nearly as punitive.  I went and looked it up this morning, absolutely Green Bay can navigate it. Every bit of that dead cap situation you can navigate, that's what the league does, people manipulate the salary cap, the smart teams have been doing it for years. Rip the Band-Aid off, give me the bad news, let's go, let's not sit around, everybody teeth clenched, walking on eggshells, it's an unhealthy relationship. What the Packers need is another receiver and another tight end, but Aaron doesn't really want to work with them in the off-season… Burrow would, Mahomes would, Allen would, Lawrence would. Aaron's not committed to that, so you're going to be back in the same place. By the way, San Francisco's getting better, Philadelphia is getting better, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Jacksonville, these teams are getting better, the league's pulling away. I don't think Green Bay and Aaron are on the same timeline. This is not an anti-Aaron rant, I was the first guy eight years ago that said I don't like his body language. I think he's selfish, I think he's a ‘bailer’ not a ‘baller’, and he's not good in fourth quarters, and not good when he’s trailing.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks it’s time for the Packers to turn the page on Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, as Colin lays out the reasons why he thinks the Jordan Love era should start next season.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why he thinks the league is pulling away from this Rodgers-led Packers group who hasn’t been to the Super Bowl since February of 2011, despite boasting very formidable teams.

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