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Colin Cowherd: Bills Need to Consider Getting Rid of Sean McDermott

Colin Cowherd: “The gap between the offensive head coaches and the defensive head coaches is getting wider. Sean McDermott wasn’t even playing checkers. Zac Taylor, the offensive coach who many doubted early— including myself, built a precise, quick passing game in the snow to protect his banged up offensive line, to move the sticks, and to keep Josh Allen off the field. Buffalo in the snow was throwing deep balls up the sideline, difficult, low percentage passes, and didn’t use Josh Allen’s legs at all it seemed until the second half. Buffalo has no offensive identity; they just have a really talented quarterback. They’re just calling plays. Sean McDermott has had six years and the offensive line is still a disaster. Andy Reid solved his offensive line issue in one offseason. What’s wrong with the offensive line? It’s still awful. The run game without Josh Allen is awful. There were eight coaches left last week and only one of them was a defensive coach. The gap to me is obvious. Sean McDermott didn’t adjust and had no offensive vision. Was Buffalo even prepared? Forget a second punch, they had no first punch. They draft and develop the defensive side of the ball well but offensive line, run-game… The further away Brian Daboll goes away the more of a mess this team is on the offensive side of the ball. I don’t know if Sean McDermott is the guy. What happened yesterday means something and you can’t brush it off. That was BAD. Yeah, the Cowboys lost but they seemed prepared, Buffalo didn’t at all and made no adjustments. Bills had 4x the penalties of Cincinnati, were dominated in time of possession, Buffalo only had 63 yards rushing, terrible on third down, and almost half the first downs of Joe Burrow. We know Burrow is great but that was an absolute coaching mismatch. No adjustments, no game plan, no identity, just calling plays. BAD look for Buffalo. It feels like the gap is getting wider between Buffalo, and Kansas City and Cincinnati.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss why he believes the Buffalo Bills need to consider parting ways with sixth-year head coach Sean McDermott after yet another Super Bowl-less appearance.

Check out the video above as Colin explain why he thinks the gap between Buffalo and Kansas City/Cincinnati is widening, and why he believes McDermott is the reason why the team is stuck in quicksand with HOF-caliber talent Josh Allen.

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