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Colin Cowherd on James Harden's Game 1 Explosion: 'It Was a Total Outlier'

Colin Cowherd: “In the series before James Harden averaged 17 points and shot 34% from the field against much weaker Brooklyn. I’m gonna say last night was an outlier shooting 65% from the floor in Boston, scorching the Celtics for 45. I bit of an outlier, but in Philly this morning— who cares? Great outfit, great night. Late in the game, I don’t trust Boston. There is so much I like about Boston, so few things I love. In the fourth quarter Jayson Tatum had four shots. He had a great night, 39 points, but had four shots. That’s one fewer than Malcolm Brogdon. That’s the same number of shots as Marcus Smart, who had six turnovers and didn’t play well. We all just watched old Steph Curry drop a 50 burger in Sacramento and demand the ball. He had 11 shots in the fourth quarter, twice as many as the next closet Warrior. We watched an old LeBron in the fourth quarter and overtime demand the ball and beat the Grizzlies. And we watched a way-past-his-prime James Harden last night take the final shot, demand the ball, and win it for the Sixers. Four shots in the fourth quarter for the best player on the floor? With no Embiid, Tatum was. The Warriors can get sloppy and they can be unfocused, but good God, do they have a next gear. Who knew it was the [Sixers] who would have one last night. Without Embiid there was real clarity. They knew who to go to. James Harden and Tyrese Maxey got the looks. I think it’s a total outlier by James Harden who often feels like a role player, but what a time to have your greatest playoff game since eight years ago. Fantastic finish and Philly doesn’t care if it’s an outlier.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Philadelphia’s shocking Game 1 victory in Boston Monday night, as James Harden used a 45-point explosion to stun the Celtics in the absence of Joel Embiid.

Check out the segment above as Colin talks about the Harden ‘outlier’ and why he doesn’t trust the Celtics whatsoever.

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