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Colin Cowherd: The Real Reason Why Will Levis Fell Out of the First Round

Colin Cowherd: “Anthony Richardson is the most raw quarterback out there. When the Colts chose him over Will Levis that was a very, very bad sign for Will Levis. They both played in the SEC, Levis had better stats, Levis started more games, he was more productive, wasn’t as raw— in the same SEC, lot of the same opponents. Indy said to Will Levis: ‘HARD PASS’, and went with a kid who completed 54% of his college throws. I’m told Richardson came across more humble and grateful in interviews, and that lots of coaches thought Will Levis and Anthony Richardson both needed fixing, and one would be easier to fix with a much higher upside. Will Levis comes across as a little cocky, he loves his arm, he loves the ‘gun show’, which I HATED. The sleeveless shirts, not a great look. I was told by two executives and a head coach that that was an absolute turn-off showing the biceps. Quarterbacks, go look at the history of them, they don’t look that. Will Levis loves Will Levis. He’s gotta be fixed, he throws too many picks. Anthony Richardson’s gotta be fixed, he throws picks and is also just too darn raw, but the coaches feel they can ‘fix’ him. He’s more coachable, he’s more grateful, he’s more humble. Hated the ‘gun show’, hated the bathroom selfies—whenever you see a normal person doing that it’s a goober doing that on the internet. It’s like ‘L’ [on your forehead], LOSER. You can’t have franchise quarterbacks doing that. I push back when I hear ‘I WANT MY QUARTERBACK TO HAVE A LITTLE ARROGANCE!’ – like Jay Cutler, Josh Rosen, Baker Mayfield, Johnny Manziel, Kyler Murray?… If you start looking at the string of quarterbacks who had the label ‘a little cocky’ and ‘a little arrogant’ it has not worked out well. Mahomes is humble. Brady for his reign was overwhelmingly humble. Peyton Manning, humble. You can’t be cocky coming out of the SEC when you throw that many picks. Will Levis likes Will Levis— I'm not into him. I figured he would go four because he’s just less raw. If you need fixing, nobody wants to see ‘cocky’, nobody wants to see a selfie, nobody wants to see a gun show.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks former Kentucky quarterback Will Levis failed to leave the Green Room at the 2023 NFL Draft on Thursday night, as a player who was believed to possibly be drafted as high as number two overall shockingly didn’t even hear his name called in the first round.

Check out the segment above as Colin details why Levis’ perceived arrogance ultimately turned teams off.

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