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Colin Cowherd: The Good and The Bad of the Aaron Rodgers-to-Jets Trade

Colin Cowherd: “There are some potholes for Aaron Rodgers in New York. They have a young defensive head coach. A defensive head coach that's unproven. The division's good, the conference is great. Ownership? No thanks. And many of the Jets’ best players are young, first or second-year players. Not ideal for an old prickly veteran. But the Jets should still win this trade and the reason being— they go from so bad at quarterback last year, unwatchable, to a past-his-prime Hall of Fame- level quarterback who can still on any Sunday be great. That alone should change the culture, the attitude, and the locker room in New York. The fact the Jets won seven games last year is hard to imagine. It's hard to wrap your brain around. They were 29th in scoring. Between the two quarterbacks they had 15 touchdowns and 15 picks. It was awful. They were second-to-last in passing touchdowns and yet they won seven games. It's hard to imagine how they did it. So infusing Aaron into a franchise that has not been on Sunday Night Football in like 12 years. The Jacksonville Jaguars have WON, not just been in, have WON three playoff games since the Jets were last in the playoffs. The Lions get to the playoffs more regularly now than the Jets. So to go from THAT quarterback and THAT offense to Aaron Rodgers— from the optimism, the attitude, the cultural belief, it should really be a game-changer for them. But the Packers are on a different timeline. If Jordan Love even becomes Kirk Cousins with a little mobility, and they find out by Thanksgiving ‘we got our guy’, he's good enough to win this division, maybe not every year like Favre and Aaron Rodgers but he's a franchise quarterback— that's a win for them. Even if they find that out and go 8-9 and don't make the playoffs there's a feeling of optimism for the Packers. 8-9 for the Jets? The timeline's different, that's a disaster, Aaron may play one year. So when people talk about ‘who won the trade?’ the Jets have to be great immediately, and there's a chance for it. Going from Zach Wilson, Mike White, to this… It's not a complete offensive roster but it's the difference between a hail storm and bright blue skies. The day feels different and it should with Aaron.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss Monday’s breaking news of the Jets finalizing their trade with the Packers for Aaron Rodgers, as Colin tries to look at the silver linings for both franchises in the wake of one of the biggest swaps in league history.

Check out the segment above as Colin decides who he thinks won the trade and how it will be judged in the coming years.

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