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Colin Cowherd Calls Out Memphis Grizzlies: 'They Look Like a Noisy Fraud'

Colin Cowherd: “Memphis right now looks like a really noisy fraud. They play chippy, they chirp, they hit you in the junk, and they trailed 35-9 at one point against the Lakers. I feel like they’re a mile from the title. Sacramento is young but they feel like one good player away. Memphis is young and they feel like two STAR players away. The Lakers’ maturity is on display. They’re playing focused, mature basketball, they look the two seed. Memphis as the two seed looks undisciplined. Teams end up taking the personality of their star. The Lakers with LeBron look workman-like, and with Ja and the Grizzlies they look erratic and undisciplined. Sorry, but LeBron is not taking the bait. It’s kind of embarrassing that that’s Memphis’ fastball— Dillon Brooks trying to get LeBron to take the bait. LeBron has been in the league so long his rookie year the number one song was ‘In Da Club’ by 50 Cent. You’re trying to rattle THAT guy? He’s been around awhile, I don’t know if you’ve heard, he’s the all-time leading scorer. He’s played 2,000 more minutes than any player in league history, he’s got four rings. When LeBron broke in the league, Apple hadn’t even started working on the I-Phone and this is your JV game plan? To have Dillon Brooks get LeBron James all worked up?? You can do that with a lot of guys in this league, but you’re not going to do that with LeBron James. You gotta have a better game plan than that. Young teams sometimes erode. Memphis is wilting in front of our eyes. Yes, Ja Morant is a dynamic, high-flying vertical star, but he’s been erratic and the team feels erratic. When Memphis was a road underdog they went 0-15. Eleven of those 15 times as a road dog they lost by double-digits. Memphis is the loudest guy in the bar, he’s never the smartest or the toughest, he just wants you to think he is. This team doesn’t have any fight. This team has to compensate for its lack of ability, scoring, expertise, and skill, which Sacramento has tons of, by being loud and chippy. You’re trying to get LeBron to go for the bait??” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd call out the ‘fraud’ Memphis Grizzlies who currently trail 2-1 as the no. 2 seed in their first round series vs. the Lakers, as Colin says they resemble a chippy fake tough guy who uses bogus intimidation tactics to compensate for their lack of skill.

Check out the segment above as Colin details how the ‘erratic and undisciplined’ Grizzlies have been led down the wrong path from their volatile star Ja Morant.

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