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This NBA Star Was Voted the 'Most Overrated Player in the League'

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Colin Cowherd: “Jason McIntyre is very upset that a poll with 54 NBA players, a tenth of the league, said that Trae Young is the most overrated player. Who do you think is the most overrated player?”
Jason McIntyre: “So, someone who everyone loves a lot, but isn’t a winning player... Kyrie Irving, most overrated player in the league.”
Cowherd: “Well, he’s polarizing, I don’t think everybody loves him.”
J-Mac: “Everywhere he goes you’re supposed to win and he ends up nuking the team from the inside. Not showing up and going AWOL is the type of stuff that Kyrie Irving does.”
Cowherd: “Rudy Gobert to me has got to be way up there."
J-Mac: “You mean the three-time Defensive Player of the Year, more times than Draymond has won?”
Cowherd: “They traded NINE players to get him! LeBron wouldn’t get six, Gobert got nine!”

Watch Colin Cowherd and co-host Jason McIntyre discuss a recent anonymous NBA player poll that ‘The Athletic’ conducted that revealed the belief around the league that Trae Young is the most overrated player in the NBA.

Check out the segment above as Colin and J-Mac react to the poll and submit their picks for who should have been tabbed ‘most overrated.’

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