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Jason Whitlock Calls Russell Westbrook and E-40 'Weak Men' After Incidents

Jason Whitlock: “Anything and everything triggers the Godless. They live for the approval of man, not God. They seek affirmation from people who don't know them, they prioritize the perception of worldly respect over pleasing the most high. Russell Westbrook embodies the Godless celebrity elite. His fragile ego controls him. His identity is a divorce from God. He's an NBA superstar, a fashion and commercial brand, and the tiniest thing that infringes on his brand triggers an emotional outrage. Fans have been heckling athletes for more than 100 years, this is the first time I can remember an athlete barging into a lounge to berate a fan. But it's not that surprising. The relationship between athletes and fans has been rapidly deteriorating for at least two decades. Nineteen years ago the Indiana Pacers declared war on Detroit Pistons fans inside The Palace. Then-NBA commissioner David Stern sided with his paying customers, issuing harsh suspensions and fines against Ron Artest, Stephen Jackson, and several other Pacers for fighting with Pistons fans. Looking to maintain access to the athletes many elite media members sided with the players. In the nine years of Adam Silver's reign as commissioner of the NBA the divide between basketball players and fans has grown much worse. Adam Silver is petrified of the players. it's now common for NBA players to have paying customers ejected from the arena for shouting things players used to laugh off and/or dismiss. I grew up at a time where business people said ‘the customer is always right’, the NBA says ‘the customer is always wrong.’ The players dismiss very little today. They are their own Gods. Taunts are blasphemy. Their self-esteem is directly tied to the level of worship they receive. If Russell Westbrook's sole identity was Christian he would not be bothered at all by what a fan shouts at him. he would be living a life to win God's respect and realize the futility and worthlessness of man's respect. Westbrook has rabbit ears and is in constant controversies with fans and media because he's seeking the approval of the wrong people. He’s accused Utah Jazz fans of bigotry, he scolded a small child who playfully touched him court-side, for years Westbrook attempted to bully an Oklahoma sportswriter he did not like, Westbrook has threatened TV personality Skip Bayless over the nickname ‘Westbrick.’ When you seek an identity outside ‘child of God’ it makes you vulnerable to insecurity and easy to trigger. The rapper E-40 suffers the same problem. Gold chains and millions of dollars in fame do not strengthen a man's self-confidence and cool. E-40, a prominent Golden State Warriors fan, got escorted out of his seat by Sacramento King security because he beefed with a female fan who heckled him. Of course, E-40 said he was tossed because of ‘racism.’ He said security assumed he was the instigator because he was arguing with a White woman. I'm going to give him that. I get that is one possibility— that they walked up and said ‘White woman, Black man, black man must be in the wrong.’ That's a possibility. There's another potential explanation based on assumption as well. Perhaps Sacramento security saw a large Black man who identifies as a commercial rapper. Perhaps that identity made security assume E-40 was at fault. Maybe they've heard E-40’s 1993 classic ‘Captain Save a Hoe.’ Maybe they assumed the rapper was burnishing his brand as a denigrator of women. E-40 claimed the fans were disrespectful in their taunts. Alleged disrespect is at the root of much of the animus and violence that transpires between black rappers. If a police officer had to guess who would turn violent in a disrespectful argument among fans the officer would be justified in assuming it would be the rapper. Rappers flaunt their willingness to be violently disrespectful. More than likely, elite media will defend E-40. He’s popular across social media, he's a celebrity, he's Black, he has privilege. He's a multi-million dollar victim. All of this stems from men choosing the wrong identity. Men take pride in being conservative, liberal, Republican, Democrat, Black, White, Brown, gay, straight, bisexual, transgender or whatever. All those surface-level identities give men plenty of room to misbehave. None of those identities compel men to behave righteously. When you take your identity in God you care very little about what man thinks about you. You don't get triggered by the taunts of fans. Russell Westbrook and E-40 are weak men. They think success in athletics and music grants them a special level of privilege and treatment.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of 'Fearless' call out NBA player Russell Westbrook and rapper E-40 for their roles in controversial incidents that occurred over the weekend, as both individuals made headlines for hostile altercations outside the bounds of basketball.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock calls Westbrook and E-40 'weak men' who think they're Gods, and thus too divine for admonishment.

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