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Jason Whitlock: Jill Biden Saw Caitlin Clark as a Political Pawn For 2024

Jason Whitlock: “Jill Biden's interest in Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes must be tied to race, there could be no other explanation... Well, actually, there is another explanation … POLITICS. Politics are at the root of Biden's interest in the Hawkeyes. Jill Biden is conducting outreach to the state that hosts the first presidential primary/caucus of the 2024 election cycle. Perhaps more important, Jill Biden's recruiting Caitlin Clark. Democrats control culture. They dictate what is broadcast on television, showcased at movie theaters, popular on the radio, and who has the most influence via Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Well, guess what? Caitlin Clark appears to be the next big thing in sports. She feels like Tiger Woods and Steph Curry rolled into the same package. She's the biggest star in all college sports, male or female. Name another college athlete, male or female, with as much name recognition as Caitlin Clark? You can't do it. No one can name anyone who played in the men's championship. If Brandon Miller walked in here right now, I MIGHT recognize him because he’s really tall and it might make me think, but if not for that murder investigation who knows who Brandon Miller is. And he’s probably going to be the number one pick in the NBA Draft. I love college football and I played college football. If Caleb Williams walked into this studio right now he would have to introduce himself to me. If Caitlin Clark walked in here I'd recognize her instantly. I'd probably even be a little bit starstruck and I've only seen two of her games. Caleb Williams is a gimmick, Caitlin Clark is a force of nature, she drove women's basketball to new heights. The Iowa/LSU game recorded the highest television ratings in the history of women's basketball. Next season, I’ll follow Caitlin Clark from start to finish, and my prediction is if Caitlin Clark is in the Final Four with the right teams those ratings will dwarf the men. So, you know what? Democrats want Caitlin Clark on their team because Democrats are smart like that. They control the culture. They want to use Caitlin Clark to reach sports fans and moderate conservatives. Democrats are praying that Clark is a member of their most important constituency-- the ‘Alphabet Mafia’ [LQBTQ].... The Bidens want to recruit Caitlin Clark for a more explicit Alphabet Mafia propaganda campaign. Guess who the number one demographic is for women's basketball? Who does that appeal to most? Lesbians and drag queens. When the WNBA Finals are going on in your city you can't buy a strap-on anywhere in that city, they're sold out. Caitlin Clark is the first women's basketball star to reach an audience outside the base. She's not Anna Kournikova, the sultry pinup tennis star, Clark is all baller. The attraction is Clark's game, not her sex appeal. She's relatable. She's not an overly muscled giant. She's not tatted. She's not Brittney Griner. Clark is skilled, and yes, she's White and homegrown. When the National Anthem played, Clark and the Hawkeyes looked like the song meant something to them. LSU did not take the court. The Bidens want to groom Clark for leadership. No one needs to groom Angel Reese, and Alexis Morris, or even Dawn Staley the South Carolina coach. Their entire identities are tied to the Democratic Party. From abortion to same-sex marriage, to transgenderism, there's no Democrat policy Black women or men will object to over religious or moral principle. There's nothing we won't do for the privilege of writing books, giving speeches, and pontificating on TV about White racism, and a corporate job in a ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ department. Black elites pledge unconditional loyalty to the Democratic Party. You toss in an autographed picture of Michelle and Barack Obama and most Black voters will volunteer as entertainment at a same-sex party on Epstein Island. That's why Jill Biden would go to that game. To watch the predominantly Black team beat the all-White team, and basically spit on LSU afterwords. ‘I need this little White girl because ya’ll don’t care about yourself, ya’ll don’t respect yourself, you’ll do anything I'll tell you to do.’ She don’t care about Angel Reese, Alexis Morris, or any of them. You’re taken for granted. That’s why she feels comfortable inviting Iowa to LSU’s White House party. Angel Reese ain’t going nowhere. The Bidens want to secure Caitlin Clark’s support, and the support of all the sports fans who love her. It’s a smart play in a game of chess. Caitlin Clark can reach far more independent voters than LeBron James. They got LeBron as a soldier for that army and the useful idiot in their army. They’re recruiting Caitlin Clark. Her support is up for grabs. This is all political. Jill Biden's letting you know who she's down with and what this is all about. She don’t give a damn about Black people or Black women. We're taken for granted. We will support anything they tell us. We're pet animals, DOGS for the Democrat Party. They don't have to recruit us. She's reaching out to Caitlin Clark and Iowa because they have to be recruited. They have to be groomed. They have to be offered real tangible things for their support. This is business, this is politics. Take the racial blinders off and look at the big picture." (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of 'Fearless' discuss his theory on why he thinks first lady Jill Biden went out of her way to flirt with the idea of Caitlin Clark and the Iowa Hawkeyes joining the LSU Tigers at the White House despite the obviously peculiar scenario of the runner-up team 'celebrating' with the National Champion at the White House.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks the Bidens were trying to 'groom' Clark as a political pawn for the Democratic Party ahead of the 2024 Presidential Election.

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