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Colin Cowherd's Five Bold Predictions For the 2023 NBA Playoffs

Watch Colin Cowherd make his five most bold predictions for the upcoming NBA Playoffs with the Play-In Round set to begin Tuesday night.

Sixers Will Not Advance Past the Second Round of the Playoffs 

“Why? Because they’ve yet to get there with Joel Embiid. I don’t trust this team situationally. They have no bench-scoring. What if Joel Embiid got in foul trouble? They don't score off the bench at all. They’re a bad matchup vs. Boston, the Celtics beat them three of four times in the regular season. The only time they beat the Celtics, Jaylen Brown and Robert Williams didn't play. They are fun but they’re more built for the regular season than situational postseason basketball.” 

Health, Not Their Opponent, Will Dictate the Lakers’ Success 

“LeBron and AD played just 36 games together. Playoff basketball is more physically demanding and more physical, that concerns me. AD has only played one back-to-back all season. LeBron has played great basketball, but the last time AD played a back-to-back was in November. Health will unravel the Lakers, not the opposition."

The Suns Are Going to Roll the Clippers 

“They are not only 8-0 with Kevin Durant but their net rating is 11.3, one of the highest net ratings in the history of the league. KD has won 25 of the last 27 games. The guy is a winner. Paul George is going to miss the start of the series, and he has not played in three weeks. If he does come back, he is going to have to build up some chemistry. I think Phoenix is going to win this thing in four or five games.” 

Warriors Win Physical Series vs. Kings And We’re Going to Talk a Lot About Officiating 

“Because Draymond Green, Gary Payton Jr., and Looney, they’re going to bang on the Kings. The Kings don’t like physicality and they don’t play defense. Sacramento probably wins the opener and then Steve Kerr makes it much more about physicality. Wearing on them, pushing them, and they’re going to get the dynasty whistle and they’re going to get the veteran old guy whistle. It’ll be a tough series, Warriors win in six, they lose the opener, but we will be talking about officiating when the series is over.” 

Old Teams Will Flourish 

“The oldest team is Milwaukee; they’re going to win the whole thing. The second-oldest team in the West is the Suns, they're going to win the West. The Celtics are also a veteran team and so are the Heat. Look for the Heat to surprise people. In the end, these young teams that we all like-- Memphis, Cleveland, the Knicks, and Minnesota... old guys will flourish.” 

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