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Colin Cowherd Calls Out Luka Doncic 'He's Becoming Carmelo Anthony'

Photo: Tim Heitman

Colin Cowherd: “Luka is becoming a little Carmelo Anthony. Carmelo Anthony had one year of college, very young, comes into the league. Luka, European ball, no college, comes into the league. They’re immediately great scorers, and they have some really nice team success early. Don’t get along with everybody, but they score, and in the NBA that means you’re worshipped. Their offensive games are very refined very early, and very mature. But then after like four years in the league you do realize that ‘Melo and Luka are never in great shape, won’t play any defense, and they’re kind of stuck in their ways. Both get very prickly when you suggest both should evolve their games a little. Luka does that high-screen, ball-centric, ‘it’s my ball, you can watch me play’ offense, and he’s not changing. Carmelo is a great mid-range shooter but refused to take a step-and-a-half back and shoot a three. Then all of the sudden they’re hard to coach, a little prickly, they can be moody, and teams and GMs try to find the perfect mix for Carmelo and Luka, but they can’t, coaches get fired, and the results are very poor. Carmelo at one point was offended by Jeremy Lin, and Luka couldn’t get along with Jalen Brunson that great, and Porzingis had kind of a bounce-back year. I understand that offense is what everybody pays attention to, but I’m watching this here and it’s getting worse, not better, and everybody is blaming everybody BUT Luka. I see this with Carmelo. Great scorer, team success, kept trying to figure out ways to cover up his bad defense, never really in great shape, and wouldn’t evolve his offensive game any because it was so refined. Doesn’t this feel like we plateaued? ‘Melo went to a Western Conference Finals, then it plateaued, and then it went downhill. Something has got to change. It’s called mirrors, it could be called LUKA.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd compare Luka Doncic to Carmelo Anthony, as Doncic’s Mavericks have unraveled as the league’s most disappointing team, and leading many to question whether Doncic’s playing style is actually detrimental to the team.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains how the first few years of their careers are almost identical, and says Doncic may have plateaued after a Western Conference Finals berth the same way Anthony’s did.

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