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Kelvin Washington: No NBA Playoff Team Fears the Nuggets

Kelvin Washington on play-in teams wanting to play Denver in the first round: “I’d want a little bit of that smoke. Nobody fears Denver, NOBODY. In fact, you have teams that are like ‘I’d rather play Denver.’ Denver hasn’t proven anything and they haven’t shown us anything. Yes, Jokic is really good but that’s his whole knock right now. Jokic keeps winning but he doesn’t win in the playoffs. He doesn’t have a seminal moment and he doesn’t have something we can hang our hat on. He’s just been good in the regular season and that’s been the knock on him. I don’t think people fear them. Jamal Murray has been hurt, he’s playing well, but he’s not at his apex right now. They have a good roster, they have some solid players, but I just don’t think teams fear them. The number one seed this year isn’t the Kevin Durant Warriors. This isn’t Shaq and Kobe. People don’t fear the number one seed this year in the Western Conference… The Lakers are scary because they have what LeBron typically needs to win. He’s got another ace with him, his Robin— Anthony Davis like Dwyane Wade or Kyrie Irving. They’ve got shooters. LeBron always needs some Mike Millers, Kyle Korvers, and James Joneses around him. This team has got a bunch of that. Then they got a sneaky All-Star-like player in D’Angelo Russell who can pick up the slack when LeBron is off. They’re loaded and pretty scary. No one wants to play them.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Kelvin Washington, guest-hosting with Jonas Knox on The Dan Patrick Show, call out the Denver Nuggets on being a number one seed that ‘nobody fears’, as the Nuggets are +950 odds to win the NBA Finals at the moment behind the Bucks, Celtics, Suns, 76ers, and Warriors.

Check out the segment above as Washington casts doubt on the Nuggets and boasts the Lakers as a very dangerous dark horse.

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