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Colin Cowherd Shuts Down Lakers NBA Finals Hype: 'This is Not a Great Team'

Colin Cowherd: “In the history of the Lakers when they win series it’s fun, it’s ‘Showtime’, it’s Kobe, it’s Magic, it’s West, they write books about it, they do series about it... The Lakers have always won a certain way. ‘Flash’ matters in a very distracted city with a lot of things to do. That’s how they won in the playoffs until now. This team doesn’t have a consistent number-three scorer, undrafted ‘hustler’ Austin Reaves is crucial, this is not a smooth ‘points comes easy’ offensive juggernaut. They gotta win with toughness, defense, they gotta get to the free throw line, and they gotta hit those free throws. This is not a great team, but it is a ‘better’ team than they were at the Trade Deadline. It’s very reminiscent of the Packers last year. Big brand, struggled early, played weaker teams late, and you confuse ‘good team’, with ‘better team.’ This team beat Utah, Chicago a couple times, the Suns without KD, Minnesota down the stretch... this is not a great team. Even with Anthony Edwards doing nothing last night they got outplayed by Minnesota. Minnesota just forgot how to play offense, they scored 12 points in the fourth quarter. The Lakers were only 15-22 against teams who made the playoffs. That is who the Lakers are, there is a way they have to win. I thought they were going to win last night, and I think they can beat Memphis in a long series. There is a way the Lakers need to play and it’s not the way the Lakers have played my entire life. They’re still reliant on a ‘too old’ guy and a ‘too brittle’ guy. It’s a very, very limited offensive roster. The good news is they’ve got a defensive-minded coach, and they have players that create contact and get to the free throw line. Last night was ugly but this is how they’re gonna have to win. It’s never going to be pretty for them, they’re not a pretty team. You can win a lot of playoff series like that but they’re not gonna match Phoenix bucket-for-bucket, Sacramento bucket-for-bucket, Denver bucket-for-bucket, or Golden State bucket-for-bucket. Those days of Showtime are over, they don't have that in them.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd tamp down the trendy hype behind picking the Lakers to reach the NBA Finals as many media pundits have popularized this week.  

Check out the segment above as Colin details why this ‘isn't a great’ Lakers team, and says there is no ‘Showtime’ cavalry coming for a very flawed team who spent the final three weeks of the season beating up on bottom feeders. 

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