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Colin Cowherd Thinks the Sacramento Kings Could Be the Next NBA Dynasty

Colin Cowherd: “The Patriots and Warriors have always been a ‘thinking man’s dynasty’. I never thought the Patriots were the most talented but they were the smartest and most efficient. The Warriors never had a dominating guy but like New England they were the smartest, most strategic, and most adaptable.  As the NFL has pivoted to offense Kansas City is now the ‘smartest’ and most ‘strategic’ team in the league. New England was supplanted as the ‘smartest’ team in the league by the Chiefs. Does Sacramento have a little ‘Kansas City Chiefs’ going on? Mike Brown— comes from the Warriors. Their GM was taught under Daryl Morey. High IQ players— Harrison Barnes, De’Aaron Fox is really bright, Sabonis— his dad played in the NBA. You got a GM who learned under one of the smartest analytic guys in the league, a coach who has been around LeBron James and the Warriors, and now you’ve  got a highly efficient team. De’Aaron Fox has a little Mahomes. Late in games he’s the best in the league. Fox was the best fourth quarter closer in the NBA. Sacramento has some qualities that remind me a lot of the Chiefs and the Warriors where they’re great offensively, but now you’re seeing them in a series and they’re getting physical and pushing the Warriors around. Sacramento has got some real qualities here that you see in dynasties. Really smart upstairs, a coach that comes from a winning organization, and your point guard is intelligent, great late, no nonsense, no drama….there’s a lot to like here with Sacramento. They’ve got a banger inside with Sabonis, they’ve got smart understated veterans, they have drafted players who can play very well on the defensive end, they’ve got their Mahomes, their star, their Curry. There are a lot of things with Sacramento that fundamentally are what dynasties start to look like a couple of years before they become dynasties.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss his theory on why he thinks the Sacramento Kings have positioned themselves into becoming the next great dynasty in pro sports, as Colin compares these Kings to the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, and Golden State Warriors organizations.

Check out the segment above as Colin says the Kings have all the ingredients to become the next ‘thinking man’s dynasty’, using ingenuity, not just shear talent, to gain advantages over the rest of the NBA.

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