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Brady Quinn Responds to Backlash He Received on Viral CJ Stroud Segment

Brady Quinn: “The whole origin of this was some d-bag on Twitter who literally crafted this narrative to create a stir, and then he just steps back and watches the chaos happen. Then you’ve got an agent who is then orchestrating the pulling strings behind it. That is the truth to all of this. If you’re all wondering how this whole thing got as wild and crazy as it did— that’s why. That’s what’s happening behind the scenes, and it’s nuts. It blows my mind that anyone would literally put that much into Twitter. I don’t look through mentions because there is no point, because I’d like to look for the good in people, and that’s one of the reasons why I called Ryan Clark last night. We had a civil conversation, discussed through the process of how you go about talking about subjects on air and everything else, and came to a civil disagreement and I just said ‘well, hey man, best of luck moving forward.’ It wasn’t like I ever attacked, especially on Twitter, an analyst for how they’ve conducted themselves or handled themselves. That was what he did [Ryan Clark]. That was what RG III did. That was motivated by what an agent was pushing them to do.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Fox Sports Radio host Brady Quinn respond to the social media backlash he received on Thursday from a short podcast segment discussing CJ Stroud that quickly went viral on Twitter.

In the brief segment NFL reporter Dov Kleiman posted, Quinn alluded to Stroud committing to the Manning Passing Academy and then ‘ghosting them’, and not showing up to the heralded camp, adding that it might ‘set off some alarms for people.’ Quinn continued by saying Stroud is the most accurate QB in this draft class, and said in the time he’s been around Stroud personally, he’s been an ‘upstanding young man who has grown and matured into the leader that I think NFL teams are looking for.’

Quinn continued by saying ‘I think he’ll be the number two quarterback taken, but there is some talk right now, and maybe it’s smoke screens, who knows, that maybe some other teams are saying ‘well, wait a second, if Richardson have a higher ceiling, make he makes more sense for us to take if we can’t have a guy like Bryce Young that we feel more confident about in the processing and decision making."'

ESPN NFL analysts Ryan Clark and Robert Griffin quickly took exception to the video on Twitter, calling out Quinn for trying to hurt Stroud’s draft status by mentioning Stroud's Manning Passing Academy no-show less than a week from the NFL Draft. Griffin III said Quinn was ‘attempting to tear down Stroud’s character’, while Clark called Quinn’s take ‘an incendiary story’ against Stroud, and ‘gossip.’

Even current NFL player Jalen Ramsey got into the fray, calling Quinn’s analysis ‘fake news’, and then ripping Quinn’s NFL career.