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Colin Cowherd on Grizzlies Win Without Ja Morant: 'He's Not a Great Player'

Colin Cowherd: “All five Memphis starters scored in double figures. Why? They weren’t all sitting around staring at Ja. Talent and value are two different things. If you look at the last two seasons, including the playoffs, the Grizzlies statistically with Ja and without him… They win a little more, they’re much better defensively, and their net rating is double. They’re a better team without him. Sorry fan boys, they are. It’s why the Hawks are thinking about trading Trae Young. When you let 19 years olds come into a sport they’re not emotionally ready, and they’re not great basketball players. They’re great shooters or great scorers. Ja is a highlight phenom, he’s absolutely athletic, he’s a blast to watch; he’s not a great basketball player overall. He’s a great scorer. This isn’t a small sample size, it’s 50 games. They’re better defensively, they’re better offensively slightly. They move the ball better. When guys like Michael, Bird, LeBron, Duncan, or Steph leaves a team, the team collapses. Ja Morant is not a great basketball player, he’s a highlight. He leaves and they’re better. The best quarter the Lakers have had in this series was the third quarter of Game 1 when Ja was on the floor. The best quarter the Grizzlies have had was the first quarter of Game 2 when Ja wasn’t on the floor. Tyus Jones has led the NBA in assist/turnover ratio five straight years, he’s the backup. So you get fewer turnovers, more assists, you get better defense, and you get more passing. I know this is hard for people to wrap their brains around. They make you go ‘WOW’ but after a year or year and half you pick up what they can’t do. There’s a lot of things Ja doesn’t do particularly well. Dribbles too much, sometimes flashy, doesn’t play defense… I can like Trae Young and Ja Morant, but there is a difference between ‘value’ and ‘talent.’ He’s talented, he is not statistically that valuable. Maybe to merchandise and ticket sales. It’s not a shot at Ja Morant, it’s a reality check for the fan boys and the people who vote on awards that confuse value and talent.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the Memphis Grizzlies Game 2 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, and explain why it was just more proof that injured Memphis star Ja Morant isn’t actually a ‘valuable’ asset to the team, and simply a highlight reel specialist who sells jerseys.

Check out the segment above as Colin says the casual Ja Morant ‘fanboy’ doesn’t know the difference between ‘talented’ and ‘valuable’, saying Morant is ‘not a great basketball player’, and that Memphis is better off without him.

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