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Colin Cowherd: Steph Curry v. De'Aaron Fox Feels Like Mahomes v. Josh Allen

Photo: ezra shaw

Colin Cowherd: “I feel like I’m watching the Western Conference Finals with the Kings and the Dubs. Two highly skilled teams, both have enforcers, both have superstar point guards, both have veteran coaches— it’s a heavyweight fight. It makes all the other teams feel a little slow, and all the other series look a little unskilled. Milwaukee is old and athletic, the Celtics are good but are they special (?), the Knicks are doing it with defense, the Lakers are crossing their fingers that LeBron and AD will stay healthy. Kings/Dubs is different, it feels like the Western Conference Finals. This reminds me of two years ago when Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen played in a Divisional Round game. They had a combined seven touchdown, no interceptions, threw for 700 yards, led their respective teams in rushing— it was one for the ages. This feels similar. You’ve got your Steph Curry and Mahomes, who’s got a trophy or two, and then you got this understudy who is just a jaw-dropping talent—De’Aaron Fox and Josh Allen. A lot of guys in this league are great on a Tuesday in Orlando but you make your mark in the postseason. This is a coming out party and De’Aaron Fox is special. The loser in this is going to be the NBA fans because one of these teams is going home in a week. This series is a coin flip and I feel like I’m watching the dynastic Warriors and the baby Warriors. Can Golden State win one road game on the road? I don’t know if they can. I feel like it’s going to go seven, the advantage the Warriors have, and Sacramento could get a little tight, Warriors have been there before. This is like the Western Conference Finals, Bills/Chiefs in the Divisional Round, and what a bummer both of these teams can’t keep playing another seven games after these seven games because you feel that’s how long it will go.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the deadlocked Golden State Warriors vs. Sacramento Kings series, and explain why he believes it resembles a Patrick Mahomes vs. Josh Allen type epic affair with Steph Curry and De’Aaron Fox.

Check out the segment above as Colin says this series feels a lot more like the Western Conference Finals than the first round.

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