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Colin Cowherd Compares Will Levis to This Former NFL Star

Colin Cowherd: “Will Levis has moved up as a betting favorite to the number two pick. There are three boxes that he gets an ‘A’ in and they’re really important boxes. He’s got a huge arm. He’s got a high IQ— 4.0 student, great S2 score, mom went to Yale. He’s also athletic and he can move around. His delivery is a little weird looking and his judgement is concerning— lot of picks, the bathroom selfie, I don’t like stuff. Maybe that’s just generational and I sound old. If you’re the Colts you’ve had Philip Rivers who was old and unathletic, you had Matt Ryan who plays old and unathletic, and you look at Levis and you say to yourself ‘we’re going to get a better arm, we’re going to get an athlete, he’s gonna be inexpensive, Philip and Matt Ryan weren’t any of those three.' He played in easily the best college football conference, the SEC, he had no All-SEC guys around him, and yet he won 17 games his last couple of years. It’s very Eli Manning [at Ole Miss]. If you’re Indianapolis and you squint hard enough— when was the last quarterback you loved? Andrew Luck. Andrew Luck was smart, Andrew Luck was an athlete, Andrew Luck threw some interceptions that drove people crazy, Andrew Luck had a very good arm… I’m not saying he’s Andrew Luck but he is whatever you want to make him. Will Levis has got a lot of Andrew Luck. Brain power, nice arm, can move, and not gonna cost you anything for a few years.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the prospects of former Kentucky quarterback Will Levis with the 2023 NFL Draft less than three days away, as Colin compares Levis to this ex-NFL star.

Check out the segment above as Colin says he believes the Indianapolis Colts will take Levis with the no. 4 pick.

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