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Colin Cowherd Says It's Time For Clippers to Dump Kawhi Leonard

Colin Cowherd: “Every crisis in every business eventually has a tipping point and the Clippers have met theirs. We are in year four of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George. I’d love to keep Paul George because I think he plays when he can, he’s verbal, he talks to coaches… But Kawhi Leonard is 32, he’s not going to become verbal, engaging, a great communicator, and healthy. It’s time to move off Kawhi Leonard. The Clippers do so many things right. They’ve got a great head coach, excellent executives, I love their owner, he’s one of the richest in the league, they’re building a new arena, but in two seasons Kawhi Leonard has played in 27 home games. Folks, after a while when you’re getting the understudy on Broadway three of four nights, the understudy becomes the star, not the star. Kawhi is just not available, he’s odd, he’s not verbal, he doesn’t communicate -- I’ve been told -- with coaches or players, this is who he is. Los Angeles is a very distracted market. People move on to the beach, or the Dodgers, or the LA Kings, or the Lakers, or USC football, or the Rams, or the Chargers. They call it the ‘Clipper Curse’, they don’t have an equity in the market. They finally get everything right and Kawhi Leonard is not available. Right now the Kawhi Leonard experiment feels like a really bad investment, and Steve Ballmer doesn’t get taken to the cleaners very often, but for what he’s paid and what he’s invested? This is now a bad investment. Twenty-seven home games in two years? I think you gotta move off Kawhi Leonard for sure. I applaud the big swing by Ballmer to unseat the Lakers, but don’t double-down on Kawhi.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks it’s time the perpetually disappointing Clippers get rid of Kawhi Leonard, as the failed Kawhi-Paul George era in Los Angeles has become an embarrassing time in an already humiliating history for the cursed Clips.

Check out the segment above as Colin details where it all went wrong for a Clippers team who thought they had built up a future dynasty.

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