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Colin Cowherd Says These Are the Perfect Destinations For Kawhi Leonard

Photo: ezra shaw

Jason McIntyre: “Kawhi Leonard is ALWAYS hurt, who is willing to take a swing at him?”

Colin Cowherd: “Dallas. Kawhi doesn’t need the ball, he can get the ball and shoot. LeBron now plays 50 games a year, THAT’S what you get with LeBron. Kawhi is going to give you about 50 games but that is what LeBron is going to give you. In Dallas he isn’t your star, Dallas has one. Philadelphia has one. Miami has one. Kawhi comes in like in San Antonio and Toronto, you don’t build your culture or your foundation around him. He’s a hired gun. He comes in, get a basket, get a stop 50 games a year. Jimmy Butler plays hurt all the time and is available, so is Bam. So if you have an established culture, and an established star, preferably one that plays 70 games a year, Kawhi is fine. Everybody loves LeBron, he’s playing 50 games a year, AD is playing 55 games a year. Philadelphia has got a highly verbal star, meaning nobody is going to care about Kawhi. Embiid takes all the oxygen from the press room. Doc Rivers is very verbal. Maxey is going to give you 70 games. If you have a verbal, communicative leader, a culture is built, veteran coach, and what you need is a bucket and basket 50 nights a year. There is value in that. Think about all the people we defend, how many games does Embiid give you a year? 60? 55? Kevin Durant has a rich injury history too!” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason McIntyre and Colin Cowherd discuss Kawhi Leonard’s future with the Los Angeles Clippers after their swift playoff exit, with Colin and Jason trying to come up with the best destinations for the two-time NBA Finals MVP if the Clippers decide to trade the oft-injured ‘load management’ malingerer.

Check out the segment above as Colin has the Mavericks, 76ers, and Heat as the teams who could most effectively absorb Leonard’s weaknesses as a leader and lack of consistent availability.

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