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Clay Travis on Matt Araiza's Crumbling Rape Case: 'Don't #BelieveAllWomen'

Clay Travis: “You can look up what a mob there was on social media demanding that Matt Araiza be dropped based on the allegations that were made in this civil lawsuit… Based on the San Diego Police Department investigation of this woman’s claim, we now know that virtually everything she said was a lie. She lied about her age according to the investigation, snuck into a college party, said she was 18, and is on video telling everybody that she was 18. She was claiming that she was gang-raped. There are actually videos of her bragging about sleeping with a variety of different guys and intending to do so. She also alleged that Araiza was responsible for a gang-rape that she was involved in. Araiza, according to an investigation by the San Diego Police Department, had already left the party roughly an hour before this incident occurred and the San Diego Police Department determined it wasn’t gang-rape at all, that it was a consensual sexual encounter, but that Araiza was not even there at all for this incident. Matt Araiza, not just isn’t guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of any crime, he didn’t commit a crime at all. He engaged in a consensual sexual encounter with this girl who lied about her age, then left the party, did nothing wrong at all, nothing illegal, lost his job, she lied, and now sitting here nine months later after he lost his job— he’s lost a year of income in the NFL, he’s had his name dragged through the mud, and now the evidence develops that he had done nothing wrong, and that this alleged sexual assault victim, based on the evidence, was a liar. Based on this evidence, which is now not in dispute, Matt Araiza is innocent of any wrongdoing. He is not ‘not guilty’ because ‘not guilty’ can sometimes mean we didn’t find you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, but you might still have done it. What happens now? Matt Araiza can never get back the year that he was not allowed to earn a living in the NFL based on a false accusation. He also, by and large, can’t get back his good name because the same media who led the charge that the Bills release him has given a scintilla of the evidence of his innocence that they gave to the accusations of his criminality. What’s the recourse? I’m fired up about this. The whole Brett Kavanaugh case, #BelieveAllWomen’, was a complete repudiation of our justice system. We should not #BelieveAllWomen, or #BelieveAllMen, or believe all people of a certain race. People lie. Their identity is not the validity of their claim. There’s a reason why Lady Justice is blind. I believe that every state in America should pass a law that if you accuse someone of rape, this could be a man OR a woman, and you tried to see them charged with rape and put behind bars, and it is 100% proven that your accusations are false, you should be charged a crime. And I don’t mean some minor misdemeanor like ‘malicious prosecution’ or filing a false complaint, I mean you should face in prison the same number of years for filing a false rape claim as someone who is accused of rape would face if they were convicted. Let’s say the penalty for rape is five years in prison, if you were proven to 100% have lied in your accusations of sexual assault, YOU should face five years in prison and be prosecuted for lying as a crime. There should be consequences for lying to police and trying to get someone put behind bars for a crime they didn’t commit. You actually make it harder for true rape victims because people are less inclined to believe when they see stories like these that are 100% made up. You are doing a disservice to true victims of rape when you lie and there should be consequences. I’m talking about a case like Araiza here, where 100%, the San Diego Police Department investigates and the allegations you made of gang-rape, all your earrings getting pulled out, all this stuff, was 100% could not have happened. You also lied about your age, which a big part of this story was ‘17-YEAR-OLD GANG-RAPED.’ We don’t even know her name. Under rape shield laws the man who is accused is immediately dragged through all the mud, nothing at all is said about the woman. How about until someone is convicted of rape we don’t know their name either? Araiza could sue for damages but what’s the payout? She probably doesn’t have many assets, it prolongs the legal proceeding and process, keeps him from being able to make a living, what is the value here? Allegations of sexual assault are just that. Very often, unproven, untrue, as we saw with the Brett Kavanaugh case. You might ask ‘what about Deshaun Watson?’ I do think that if 30 different women accuse you of sexual assault, you have to give a different degree of weight to that than would one. But I always said from the get-go that Deshaun Watson deserves his day in court as well. How much attention does Matt Araiza being 100% innocent receive compared to the attention that he received for being accused? He’s never going to make back the money he would have made playing football last year. He’s never going to be able to unring the bell of sexual assault because many people will never see this second story.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Clay Travis of ‘Outkick the Coverage’ discuss the shocking new developments in the civil lawsuit against shunned former NFL punter Matt Araiza, who was erroneously alleged to have been involved in a 2021 gang-rape of a 17-year-old girl

Araiza, nicknamed the ‘Punt God’ in college, was an All-American punter and Ray Guy Award winner at San Diego State in 2021 before being drafted in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft, however his NFL career was short-lived when he was named as a defendant in a civil case involving a 17-year-old alleging Araiza and two other SD State football players had raped her, and was cut shortly thereafter amid the backlash.

Check out the segment above as Clay details the evidence that has potentially cleared Araiza of any involvement or wrongdoing in the case, and why the Araiza case should alter the way the media covers rape allegations against notable individuals.

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