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Colin Cowherd: Why Jordan Poole Has Been a Terrible Fit in Golden State

Colin Cowherd: “Jordan Poole is very talented, I just wonder about the fit. The New England Patriots, because of their efficient, rigid, and disciplined structured style were just not a great fit for OchoCinco, and they were only a good fit for Randy Moss for about 2.5-3 years before he wore people out. It doesn’t mean OchoCinco and Randy Moss aren’t great. The Warriors system demands a lot. It’s demanding, it’s structured, it’s smart, it’s intuitive. Loose guys like D’Angelo Russell, they couldn’t get him out of there fast enough. Jordan Poole is driving everyone crazy. When the Jordan Poole/Draymond punch video came out they weren’t mad at Draymond, they were mad it got out. Poole was driving everybody crazy. The Warriors, like the Patriots, have always been willing to take people with lower ceilings. Dante DiVincenzo, Looney can only rebound, Gary Payton does defense— they’re fine with that if you’re a specialist, if you’re structured, and if you deliver on what they demand. They’re not always high-ceiling guys, and that’s Poole’s problem. Jordan Poole with Curry playing averages 16 points a game. Without Curry he averages 26. Jordan Poole needs to be ‘the man’, not the guy subbing in for ‘the man’. He would start and be a 25 points per game player for 90% of this league. For the Celtics he would create clarity, and never be afraid to take a shot. He doesn’t play a lick of defense – who cares? – Robert Williams does, Tatum does, and Marcus Smart does. Celtics have all these great defenders but where’s the ring? What you need is an ‘alpha’ and Jordan Poole will take a shot from the parking lot. He doesn’t work here [in Golden State]. It is a highly-structured system and he’s an unstructured at times player. Loose unstructured players struggled with the Patriots and they can struggle with the Warriors. He’s like a wild public school kid trying to fit in at a prep school, it just doesn’t work. He is valuable around the league much more than he is here. ‘Fit’ matters. D’Angelo Russell with the Warriors, really good player but too squirrelly. Jordan Poole with the Warriors averages 26 a game when Steph doesn’t play, and Steph is going nowhere. I think the Celtics are ready to make a move [for Jordan Poole].” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Jordan Poole has been such a ineffective fit with the Golden State Warriors, as Poole has seemingly been thrown under the bus by media pundits and fans alike for his damaging effect on the teetering Warriors dynasty.

Check out the segment above as Colin says he has a trade destination that would unchain the embattled scorer.

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