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Jason Whitlock: Angel Reese Made a Career Out of Taunting Caitlin Clark

Jason Whitlock: “I'm bringing this topic up because I'm giving a speech Friday in Kansas City, and I'm talking about ‘Name, Image, and Likeness’ and its impact on college sports. I'm pretty down on ‘Name, Image, and Likeness’, and I think it's going to further ruin college sports. I'm going to use Angel Reese as an example in my discussion. Angel Reese just got a Mercedes through this ‘Name, Image, and Likeness’ deal. Angel Reese is the woman that scored 15 points in the National Championship game for LSU in the women's tournament. She's the one that got in Caitlin Clark's face and taunted her after the game. This proves what I've been saying about ‘Name, Image and Likeness’ from when they first started talking about this. Even before it was implemented I was like ‘they're gonna start rewarding players for things that have very little to do with on-court excellence.’ It's ‘have you made yourself into a personality?’ If she scores 15 points in that National Championship game, gets ‘Most Outstanding Player’, and things just move on [without the taunting of Caitlin Clark], I don't think she's near the big star she is. The taunting is what made her a big star, it's why she's got a Mercedes, and trust me, everybody watching knows what she did to catapult herself, and now she's getting the spoils of it. ‘I went and taunted someone after winning the National Championship. It was classless, it was rude, it was inappropriate, but I'm being rewarded for it. I'm Black, I have this Black privilege, everybody's afraid to criticize me, they're going to cape up for me, and look what I got for it.’ ‘Name, Image, and Likeness’, is going to destroy what's already on shaky ground – sportsmanship. The taunting and bad behavior increased the deal [NIL], and it’s going to inspire more of it. I’m not being hard on Angel Reese, I’m being hard on ‘Name, Image, and Likeness’, and what it’s going to produce. Angel Reese is going to do her thing, she’s going to be rewarded for it, the whole system is rigged to favor her. She scored 15 points, hats off to her. She transferred in from Maryland, she’s part of a portal championship team, hats off to her, great!” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ discuss LSU women’s basketball player Angel Reese recently boasting on social media about a new Mercedes Benz she purchased for her 21st birthday present to herself, as Whitlock says Reese’s notorious taunts of Iowa Hawkeyes star Caitlin Clark in the final seconds of the women's National Championship game got her that car.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock explains why Reese’s unsportsmanlike actions in the title game could lead to more copycat instances of the same manner where players try to exploit ‘Name, Image, and Likeness’ with outrageous, clout-chasing behavior on and off the field.

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